Beige clothing and shoes (30 photos)

Beige clothes and shoes are now experiencing the peak of their popularity. They can be found on many pages of fashion magazines and on every third resident of modern cities. You will learn all the secrets of the nude look style from this article.

First you need to figure out what the beautiful and foreign word nude means. Nude is a generic name for a color range that combines thousands of shades of beige. The last few years, designers in their collections demonstrate their passion for beige tones. This is due to the fact that modern society has begun to understand the problem of the disappearance of tenderness, sexuality and femininity in women.

The propaganda of the fact that a woman should be strong, domineering and independent has reached her. Now in our society there is no clear separation between men and women. It is not right. Therefore, world famous personalities consider it their duty to start changing our lives for the better.

That is why designers in many of their collections began using beige-colored clothes and shoes. After all, in clothes of this color, any woman becomes softer, more elegant and sexier.

No need to think that nude clothes are boring. To be bright it is not necessary to wear screaming clothes. Accessories are able to make pastel clothes exclusive and expensive.

Wearing beige shoes and clothing can any woman, regardless of size and age. On the main fashion trends in clothing style nude read on.

What is the feature?

Sexuality implies nakedness. Female, naked body causes desire in men. This is the popularity of clothes beige. The fact is that her color is as close as possible to the skin color of a woman. That is, when a girl is wearing a nude dress, from the side she may seem naked. And this is an exciting sight.

Designers like to work with beige color, as it allows their imagination to roam. When the base, the main color is not bright, it allows you to experiment with textures, styles and details. Therefore, it is foolish to think that nude clothing is inexpressive and boring.

What colors can be combined?

If you do not want to use bright color accents in a dress, but at the same time want to attract the views of people around you, then we advise you to limit yourself only to beige clothes, but with an interesting design. Let it be a cream dress with sleeves of an unusual cut.Or a beige trouser suit with huge pockets and buttons.

In general, the beige color is “friendly” with many shades. You will not destroy your tender image if you combine it with white. For example, choose a striped dress. Cappuccino-colored dress and white belt also look cute.

If you find it hard to imagine your life without clothes of bright colors, all the more we advise you to pay attention to shoes and nude clothes. The fact is that busting with bright clothes often becomes vulgar. In order not to look like a representative of the ancient profession, a woman should be able to combine pastel colors and bright.

For this you will definitely need beige things. They blend perfectly with red, brown and blue. Only you should choose classic, noble bright colors. For example, a red dress can be complemented with a stylish beige jacket and nude shoes. The combination of red and beige will make you very stylish.

Beige does not fit well with pink, light green, burgundy, orange. Also, he can not muffle neon paint.

By the way, despite the fact that many consider leopard print too vulgar, you can wear it.Only in small quantities and complete with basic beige clothing.

How to wear it correctly?

To feel comfortable in the clothes of beige color, it is important to choose the right fabric. They must be natural and subtle. Silk and chiffon are perfect for this.

Things of beige color for work and study, that is, those that you will wear in the day, should not fit your figure. On the contrary, it is better to choose clothes of free cut.

But for a night out, such as a restaurant or a party, you can choose a short cocktail dress of coffee color. In it you will look gorgeous.

Beige shorts and trousers are better for putting on slender girls. They should be ideally matched underwear, so all the seams will stand out strongly.

Classical skirt pencil beige looks elegant. Having added it with a jacket or a stylish blouse, you will get a great look for work.

A business and a little boring dress in gray or black color will embellish and refresh your beige jacket. Supplement the image with accessories and in this form you can go to an expensive restaurant.

Beige clothes look noble, so be sure to buy yourself a couple of little things from this series.

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