Beautiful holder for curtains

Light helps to create coziness in the house. Therefore, it is very important that every element of the interior blends in harmoniously. For this, there are curtains and curtains. They come in different directions and have a style that is very different between them.
 Beautiful holder for curtains
For example, the same curtains.By the nature of their origin, they are distinguished by their ingenuity: • Sliding (the most traditional, traditional look. Both strips of fabric move along the bottom in a horizontal direction) • Roman (fabric that does not fold along the folds) It is assembled with the help of a chain, like on blinds) • Japanese (3-5 panels of cloth, are assembled according to the principle of blinds) • Austrian (assembled vertically and horizontally) • Norin (curtain, found in Japan.) • Roller (similar to a cylinder that collects curtains. Roller curtains are sometimes on they are called by the screen). Curtains are an elegant interior detail.Usually they are selected for the color of furniture, walls and style, which corresponds to the room. But, I would like to note that a lot of important fact, when the curtains are beautifully decorated. Today we will get acquainted with the opportunity to make a beautiful holder for curtains from improvised means. We will need: * ribbons of different colors * unnecessary disk drive * scissors * needle * threads * ready petals 1 On an unnecessary sit disk we draw a circle with a diameter less than the disc itself. And we cut it so that it turns out, something like a hoop.
 compact disk
 make a hole in the disc

2 We decorate the hoop from the disk with a ribbon. This is done very simply. Ribbon, matching the color of the interior of the apartment, is wound on a hoop. Then it is sewn up for fixation.
 wrap the disc with cloth
 do flower
3 Another ribbon will be in the next rose. This is done very simply. The ribbon deforms soto gradually form rose petals.
 flower ready
4 Finished petals that are sewn to the ribbon of the hoop.
attach the sheet
holder for curtains
Holder for curtains about It's easy to do, especially as you choose your design.  Beautiful holder for curtains from improvised means

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