Beaded bracelet for any outfit

Beads are known as quite durable and versatile material. You can make amazing women's jewelry from it (belts, hairpins, brooches, handbags), but also embroider paintings, decorating the interior of your house, give bead crafts to your friends and close people. But as a craft beadwork is not as developed as in past times. For many girls and women this art is unknown and is covered with illusory secrets. You probably think that there are hundreds of weaving methods?
 Bead bracelet for any outfit
Today we look at an example of how you can, without having much experience and skill, create your first bracelet. Thus, we will study one of the two main methods of beadwork - monastic (or cross). It will take a small amount of any beads and beads from old jewelry, all in order and in detail in a detailed master class. Everyone can learn this craft and develop in it.Even if it seemed to you that you are not a patient and diligent person, everything will work out! You will need:
• fishing line (fishing will do) preferably thin; • scissors; • beaded thin needles (optional); • beautiful thin ribbon or hooks (you can use the mini-carabiner option) to fasten the bracelet on your arm; • small beads (one standard bag ). Quality make beads in the Czech Republic, you can find it in the shops of your city or on the Internet. • • Also prepare a lighted workplace with a terry cloth on the table so that the beads do not roll off or get lost on the floor. And you can use saucers or wide lids as containers for tiny glasses.
Steps: 1 . Cut the line on two elbows long. Following a simple pattern, we weave a chain on the wrist. We plan its length by measuring the hand with a meter or a tape with a ruler, between the future bracelet and the wrist, let the finger pass through so that the product does not squeeze the hand. We begin work with you that we string 6 pieces. beads.
we pass both ends
2. Then through the next two beads we pass both ends of the fishing line in the opposite direction.
 beads per line
3. Two pieces of beads on each line.
4. Again, a pair of beads are crossed crosswise. Then two beads on each line and so on until the end of the row.
 beadwork scheme
5. Consider what to do if the row is over, but the line is not. To make the product strong, use the following technique.
 beadwork scheme
6. We end one end of the line through the beads in the ring.
 beadwork scheme
7. And on the second end of the line we dress 6 pieces. beads.
beadwork scheme
8. Through the last two beads, we also weave the first fishing line.
 beadwork scheme
9. Following the scheme weave the second row using the extreme beads from the first row.
using extreme beads
 attach for beads
10. These hooks perfectly attach for beads and you You can easily learn how to use them even with one hand, putting the bracelet on the second.
 stitching to beadwork
 stitching to the bead
11. There are two fasteners on the bracelet of 6 rows. Attach them as if stitching to a cloth of beads.
 stitching to bead
Beaded bracelet for any outfit
 Bead bracelet for any outfit
12.Having attached the hooks to the bracelet, you can wear your unique and unique creation, the hooks are not noticeable at all.

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