Base makeup

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The appearance of a woman reflects the inner world, individuality, character. Wrinkles, age spots, acne, acne can affect the emotional background of a woman. For the visual “masking” of weaknesses, the weaker sex uses makeup products. With the help of foundation, shadows, shimmer, bronzer, you can visually change the face oval, enlarge or reduce the nose, widen the eyes.

In order for decorative cosmetics to please a woman for a long time, not to crumble, not to clog in the folds of skin, a primer is used before applying makeup. Base makeup - this is the first link to which you need to pay special attention. Picking up a wrong primer can not achieve the desired result. After the foundation, a foundation cream is applied, which can not cope with defects on the face skin without the first modeling layer.

Base makeup

At the beginning of the 21st century, the primer was used for applying cosmetics on special days (wedding, anniversary, graduation). The modernized formula of the basic base in our time allows you to use the product for applying cosmetics every day.

Primer Primary Functions

Preparing the skin for applying decorative cosmetics. Improving the appearance of the skin with visual defects: acne, acne, bumps in the form of bumps.
Mitigate / moisturize wrinkled areas of "age" skin. Giving the skin a radiant glow. The soft texture of the leveling cream allows the primer to uniformly lie on the surface without being clogged in the folds of the epidermis.
Elimination of unwanted skin tones. It is used for uneven tanning of skin, red spots; to eliminate dark circles under the eyes.
Elimination of excessive secretion of fat on the skin. Recommended for use in the summer. Warning: oily shine on the eyelids is masked with a special base for eyelids. Do not use face primer on eyelids.
Giving the skin a radiant, healthy shine from the inside. Microscopic fluids in the primer composition "rejuvenate" the face, eliminate signs of fatigue. It is used as a highlighter for oily skin in the temporal areas, cheekbones.
Protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Negative factors of the basic basis for cosmetics

To fully understand the meaning of the basic framework, some negative aspects of using primers should be taken into account.

Proper makeup is based on the principle of three components: primer, tinting cream and powder. There is a "weighting" of the base layer. There is a risk of "blurring" make-up when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, active physical actions.
Primer is recommended to be applied in combination with concealer. The basis of not correcting visual deficiencies is not sufficient to correct defects.
The silicone primer prevents the penetration of air into the cellular tissue of the epidermis.

 Base makeup

Types of basic framework

Reflective.Due to the luminescent effect, smoothness of the skin, even natural complexion, is achieved. Visually masks yellowness on the surface of the skin.

Primer based on silicone.It has a skin-leveling property, masks microscopic wrinkles, moisturizes the skin.

Color base.It is recommended to use for correction of complexion, for sculpting individual zones of full face. There are three shades: pink, lilac, green.

Matte primer for oily skin.Absorbent elements regulate the excretory function of the sebaceous glands. It is applied to areas of the skin that are prone to excessive sweating.

Base makeup

Base and skin type

«Velvety »

For dry / normal / oily skin with minor defects, it is recommended to choose a leveling primer with a matte effect. The velvety texture of the emulsion contains fluids, giving the skin a radiant look.

«Matte »

For dry / normal / mixed skin types with visual defects. Tightens pores, eliminates visual imperfections. For dry skin, it is recommended to choose an oily texture with moisturizing particles. For skin with excessive secretion of sebum - a water-based cream.

«Luminous »

For dry skin without visual impairments. Creamy fluid texture contains fluids. Moisturizes the skin, giving it a radiant look.

"Base on the gel"

Leveling helium texture is recommended for dry skin types without visual defects. It gives the skin a natural natural shade.


Liquid foundation with a lifting effect is designed for dry / normal face type with mimic wrinkles. Primer contains fluids, gives the skin a healthy look, smoothes wrinkles.

Color primers

Designed for the correction of visual defects: acne, age spots, vascular mesh. Available in wide bottles.Pigment bright enough. Under the tonal base primer is not visible.

Pink color scheme: eliminates signs of fatigue. It makes the skin shine, the face looks young and healthy.
Lilac color scheme: removes yellow tint on the skin.
Yellow color: for masking the blue pigment under the eyes.
Green color: masks the vascular grid, red spots on the skin of the face.

Base makeup

Silicone-based cosmetics base

Silicone is the perfect base base primer. Given the shortcomings of the silicone component, the base is a unique means for leveling problem skin. It is not recommended to use for daily application under cosmetics. Suitable for special occasions (wedding, anniversary). After applying the silicone base, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse off the product with a deactivator of cosmetics. The last stage - applying a nourishing cream.

Elastic primer can be used as an independent tool, and interaction with other tonal bases. The elastic texture makes it possible to economically expend the base.

Base makeup

Varieties of primers

Facial base

Smooths the surface of the skin.
It gives a natural healthy look.
Disguises the visual imperfections of the skin.
Protects against UV radiation.

Apply to clean skin with a brush / sponge.

The base under the shadows

Saves the color palette of shadows.
Does not allow cosmetics to crumble, roll, fall into the folds of the skin.
Creates protection in adverse weather conditions (rain, wind).
It has a matte effect. Recommended for use on oily skin for eyelids.
Creates a smooth foundation that facilitates the application of shadows.
Can be used instead of the tonal framework.
Apply with a special brush.

The base under the mascara

Provides an even color of eyelash ink.
Gives volume to hairs.
Lengthens the natural length of the eyelashes.
Does not allow the carcass to roll into lumps.
The primer contains a vitamin complex for the growth of eyelashes.

Primer is available in bottles or is present in a set with a decorative cosmetic.

It is recommended to achieve complete drying of the base before painting the ink.

Base lipstick base

Eliminates visual imperfections of the lips: microscopic cracks, wrinkles.
Prevents spreading of lipstick / gel.
Retains the original color range of the lip cosmetic.
The base contains moisturizing / nourishing ingredients.
It creates the effect of "full lips".

The primer is produced in vials with high sides, in the form of pencils / balm. Apply with a special brush.

How to choose the right base under makeup

For perfect make-up you need to choose the right base - the primer. If the choice is wrong, there is a risk of revealing the skin imperfections as much as possible. On the surface of the epidermis may form peeling - rejection of skin scales. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, it is recommended to use the basic rules for choosing a base.

Testing base

It is not recommended to purchase a cosmetic product in online stores. To make the right choice, you need to test the product. In specialized stores there are "testers" that can be applied to the skin. "Tester" can not be applied to the face. For the hygienic safety, it is recommended to apply the external surface of the hand.

After applying the base on the skin, it is recommended to wait until it is completely dry. When interacting with air, an oxidative reaction occurs between the components of the base composition and the skin cells. After drying, the primer color may differ from the initial color.


It is recommended to choose a basis for make-up on the principle of a combination of shades of a primer and natural skin color. It is unacceptable to have a tonal basis on the face during the selection of the base, the skin of the face must be clean.

After applying the tester to the back of the palm, it is recommended to compare the selected shade of the primer with the tone of the face in natural light. Electrical lighting distorts the color gamut.

Natural shades of the base

If the skin of the face is light, it is not recommended to choose a dark base. You need to purchase a primer to tone lighter than the main tone.

Base makeup

Makeup artists tips

Observe the principles of personal hygiene. In order to avoid skin infections, it is not recommended to use other personal cosmetics.
Follow the rules of hygiene. It is recommended to change cotton pads, sponges once a month; sponges and brushes to wet treatment in a soap solution.
Select the primer according to the skin type.Do not use a base for oily skin based on oils.
In the presence of allergies, it is not recommended to choose a base in which there are flavors.
Before applying the cosmetic product, it is recommended to test for allergic reactions: apply the remedy to the inner surface of the wrist. After three minutes, evaluate the result. If the skin does not appear irritation, peeling, itching - primer can be used.
Base makeup should be selected with the effect of protection from ultraviolet rays.
To prevent pathogens on the face, it is recommended to apply the base with a special brush. When the base is applied with the pads of the fingers, it is necessary to carry out hygienic measures for the hands, use a disinfectant for skin treatment.
For dry skin, it is recommended to use a moisturizer before applying the base.

How to prevent mistakes when using the base under makeup

It is not recommended to use general principles of applying daily cream for the basic basis. Do not rub the primer deep into the skin.As a result of the wrong actions, the skin becomes covered with colored spots, gets an uneven shade.
Apply foundation for make-up should be on dry skin. If a moisturizer is used, it is recommended to wait until it is completely dry. When applied incorrectly, the skin of the face becomes untidy.
To apply to the skin, you need to take a sufficient amount of base.
Excessive primer application to the skin of the face makes the makeup heavier. Bronzer is recommended for contouring skin areas.
Do not apply the base under the lower eyelids. Concealer is recommended for masking dark circles.
When buying a cosmetic product, you need to pay attention to the expiration date. It is inadmissible to use a base with expired validity.

Base makeup

Technique for applying foundation for decorative cosmetics

Apply tonic based on natural ingredients without alcohol to clean skin.
Apply a moisturizer after the tonic is completely dry.
Using a soft applicator, apply a primer in the form of points on the face.
To put the base on the general principles of massage lines. Do not rub the base with excessive pressure on the skin to avoid the formation of large folds.
In case of problem skin (pustular rashes, acne, acne), you need to use a corrector with a healing effect.
For skin with a high content of sebaceous excretions it is recommended to use powdered powder.
It is recommended to remove sweat droplets with a paper napkin with blotting movements.
When peeling the epidermis, first apply a nourishing cream, then a moisturizer and only then a primer.
When applying a cosmetic with a sponge, it is recommended to moisten the applicator with boiled water and remove excess moisture.

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