Autumn gold-Rudbekia (For kindergarten and school)

Rudbeckia dissectedis a perennial plant with bright yellow basket inflorescences that bloom in the second half of summer - early September. In the gardens, at one time, tall (up to 2 m) terry gold balls of gold were the most common. Unfortunately, they are out of fashion and it's not easy to buy them today.

In this MK, we will make a shiny rudbeckia in a pot.

Materials and tools:

  1. A pot for seedlings;
  2. Napkin;
  3. PVA;
  4. Brushes are different;
  5. Scissors;
  6. Trays or PVC plates;
  7. Gouache;
  8. Hairspray;
  9. Plasticine;
  10. Wooden skewers;
  11. Simple pencil;
  12. Glue for PVC «Titan»;
  13. Sketch of a sunflower;
  14. Seeds;
  15. Trimming any green paper.

Step 1 Decoration of the pot

We will need:

Planting pot


PVA diluted with water.

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