Astroprognosis: horoscope of beauty and health for 2013

How to monitor your health and beauty in 2013? What do you need to do to stay in great shape? What bad habits should be abandoned in 2013 in order to feel much better? turned to a professional astrologer, who gave a detailed astro forecast for 2013 for each sign of the zodiac.
Beauty horoscope
Beauty horoscope
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The horoscope of beauty and health for 2013 will tell you when it is best to see a doctor, warns against making the wrong independent decisions. What cosmetic procedures should be used to look young and attractive as long as possible? What kind of sport to choose to stay healthy and be in excellent physical shape? How to eat: whether to choose a hard diet or just a healthy diet? You will find answers to all your questions in the horoscope of beauty and health for 2013.

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In general, the Year of the Snake contributes to health promotion, prevention of chronic diseases and procedures related to the rejuvenation of the face and body.Operational intervention should be avoided, try to find alternative solutions, first consult with your doctor.

The location of the planets this year will contribute to the rapid recovery of strength, so try not to run into health problems,refuse to self-diagnose diseasesand test on time to know exactly what problem you are facing.

People with chronic diseases will be able to find new effective methods of recovery and get rid of unpleasant symptoms. Surgery related to plastic surgery is to be avoided this year.

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