Ashton Kutcher knocked down a teenager, and he was glad to have a selfie with a star

Everyone has bad days, and Ashton Kutcher just happened yesterday: driving to his black Tesla, he crashed into a 19-year-old teenager Leo Marengi, who was riding a scooter on the sidewalk. Leo did not notice the car, so the blow was quite strong: Leo literally took off into the air and landed on a concrete platform, so that it threatened a big scandal.

Fortunately, the guy had not only strong bones, but also a good sense of humor: he did not make any complaints to Ashton, asking him only about a joint photo, which he later published on Instagram. "Today, I was hit by a car, well, that's okay, because Ashton Kutcher was in it," Leo signed the picture. “Lucky, forever you meet famous people!” - commented one of the friends of the guy. “You know, this time I didn’t have much choice,” he joked back.

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