As in 1c reflect the hospital in 2017

Check the correct design of the hospital sheet. Filling errors can lead to the fact that the hospital will not be accepted for offset by the Social Insurance Fund. Hospital sheets are entered into the database in 1C "Salary and Personnel". If the 1C "Enterprise" program is used, then you need to switch the interface from full to "Organization Payroll".
Select the menu item "Payroll calculation", sub-item "Non-appearance". Next, go to the section "Hospital sheets". To add a document, click on the “Add” icon in the upper left corner - a green circle with a straight cross. The symbol “Add” pops up when you hover the cursor over the icon.
In the opened document, fill in all the fields in accordance with the data of the sick-list. When calling the list of employees to fill in personal data, make sure once again that the spelling of the employee’s name in the hospital with the data of the company directory loaded in the 1C program coincides.
Enter the dates of issue and closure of the sick-list and its number in the appropriate fields of the document. Fill in the information about the experience. If this employee already has sick leave in the program, the "Work experience" fields and the percentage of payment for a disability sheet will be filled automatically. In the “Type of Disease” window, select the required one from the list: “Disease”, “Industrial injury”, “Care for a sick child”, etc.
Click the inscription "Calculate sick leave." Swipe the document. Conducted sick leave gets into the base to fill the set of wages. If data refinement is required, perform only the “Write” operation and leave the document without carrying out until clarification.
Find the “Print” button in the lower right corner of the document. Select the required form from the list provided. Print and transfer the calculated data to the sick-list.

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