Another woman in a dream

A woman in a dream In a dream, a woman in a dream symbolizes loyalty, emotional openness, fragility, tenderness, kindness, sensitivity, pliability, and everything related to motherhood. If a dream in which a woman appears appears in a man’s dream, it means that in the future love and good fortune await him. However, a woman in a dream can also mean deception, trouble, gossip. The treatment of any sleep is very dependent on details, such as clothing, condition, appearance.

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Dream dream woman
Dreamed of a woman interpreting dream books


Many dream books woman, whose face is hidden by a mask, is defined as a sign of deception or envy experienced by your detractors. After seeing such a dream, you should be very attentive and be careful with strangers you meet. Do not be afraid: sleep is a warning. If you exercise caution, you can avoid trouble.

Fur coat

After a dream in which you saw a woman in a fur coat, you should definitely look at the interpretation of the dream book: a woman dressed in this way symbolizes the patronage and help of some influential person, in whose support you are now in dire need.If you will not hesitate to ask the powers that be, you will get it. This dream should be a guide to decisive action. In the coming period, your courage will be rewarded.

Nude woman

Favorably interpreted in the dream book and a woman in the nude. Such a dream suggests that the cherished dream is destined to finally come true. If you dreamed of a naked woman, then your innermost desires will come true, and what you have been thinking about for a long time will come true and bring you joy.

Sick, crazy or dead woman

It is also important in what condition you dreamed a woman - she was healthy or sick. A sick woman symbolizes your spiritual stability and power, the collapse of all attempts of ill-wishers to harm you. In the dream book, the interpretation of a woman in a lunatic asylum or just crazy is: you have to face unintended harm. This will be a complete surprise for you and for the one who will cause you harm. If you saw a dead woman in a dream, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the act of one of your acquaintances. However, if a woman was in a coffin, a good time comes in your life.

Pregnant woman

Separate attention deserves a dream about a pregnant woman.He foreshadows financial stability, good business decisions and business strategies. If there are financial problems, they will be solved unexpectedly. This is a very positive dream. In all spheres of life, a period of calm and stability will come. Touching and stroking the belly in a dream is an auspicious sign.

Such a dream is favorable for a young girl: he foreshadows her love and personal happiness. However, a dream about a pregnant woman promises problems in her personal life, quarrels with her husband and troubles for mature women. Moreover, the position of his wife in quarrels and disassembly will be wrong.

Sleep with a few pregnant women is considered very good. You should expect an influx of finances, a big win in the lottery or an unexpected receipt of a large inheritance.

It is important to clarify that for women a good dream is considered a dream book if a pregnant woman is familiar to you. If you see a stranger in position, then get ready for failure. However, if you are ready for them in advance, the negative effect will be less, you will not be caught off guard. If a stranger dreams of a girl, then this promises her an unfortunate marriage. It should be careful and picky in dating.The best solution would be to abstain from new acquaintances and serious relationships in the near future. In general, in the dream book, a pregnant woman is interpreted positively if she is familiar. Such a dream is unfavorable in any case only for married women.


A dream in which a woman has black hair is considered very bad. This heralds a series of major troubles. Anyone who has seen such a dream should be cautious in his statements; in his life, gossip and intrigues from his ill-wishers will lie in wait.

Interaction with a woman

If an unfree man talks to another woman, the dream foreshadows troubles in his personal life, jealousy on the part of his life partner. A man should watch his behavior, since it is it that provokes all the troubles. It is very good if the sleeper drives a woman out of his house in a dream. This means that in life he will try to clear his reputation and quickly get rid of all problems.


If a man dreams of a beautiful woman, he will feel good, there will be opportunities to have a good time. Such a dream symbolizes pleasure for a man.

If the lady sees another woman in a dream, the dream warns her about the appearance of a rival.

Young mother

If you dream of a young mother with a stroller - this is a dream about family relationships. It may be worth thinking about the family, looking for your faithful companion.

Unusual woman

A woman with a kind of unusual detail, for example, with a male penis, symbolizes aggression, authoritarianism, which will be faced in life. In order not to suffer, you need to be more restrained in judgments and statements regarding the surrounding phenomena.

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