Andrei Arshavin again does not pay alimony

And even strict bailiffs cannot influence the situation: there is not a single penny on the player’s bank account.
Andrei Arshavin again does not pay alimony
Andrew fit to grab his head: there is no money and is not yet in sight
Photo: Archive of FC «Zenit»

The sudden poverty of a football player is to blame for everything: in the Kuban football club, which Arshavin now stands for, salaries have been delayed for several months.

Andrei has not received his lawfully earned thousands since August. However, the financial problems of a football player became known only now.

At the same time, not only Arshavin himself, but also his former family, suffers from lack of money: lawyers of the ex-wife of Arshavin, TV host of the First Channel Yulia Baranovskaya have already confirmed that their client has not received alimony for three children born to a civil marriage since summer.

Recall that as a result of the amicable agreement, which was signed in the court of St. Petersburg, Andrei is obliged to pay a monthly 50% of earnings for the maintenance of two sons and a daughter.In this case, the money was debited from the bank account of a football player.

But now the cashier is empty. Even the bailiffs are powerless: once the account of Arshavin is not replenished, they have nothing to hold.

Yulia Baranovskaya, of course, is not satisfied with such a state of affairs, but cannot in any way influence the situation. Even to go to court now is meaningless, because her former husband himself was a victim of circumstances.

Andrei Arshavin again does not pay alimony
Julia Baranovskaya dissatisfied with what is happening, but so far she has the power to support her family
Photo: Catherine Mukhina

Fortunately, Baranovskoy has a job, and she does not live in misery with even three children. And Arshavin himself, it must be understood, lives on accumulations made in fat zenit years.

One thing is not clear: when the situation will change for the better. The financial problems of the Krasnodar team have been known for a long time, they began after the former main investor of the club, Oleg Mkrtchyan, stopped investing money in it, and the new “cool” sponsor did not appear at Kuban.

However, the management team promises to pay off debts to Arshavin in the near future. Nobody names the exact date, but we want to believe that there will still be money for Andrei to pay alimony and gifts for children.But the football club Arshavin seems to have to change.

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