Does the baby need a pillow?

On how comfortable our sleep is during the night, mood and well-being fully depend. The same applies to our children, because sleep for them is the time to replenish stocks of wasted energy, and it must be strong and calm. In many respects it depends on bed linen, blankets and pillows.

Child up to 1 year

Doctors insist that a child up to a year doesn’t need a pillow at all, sometimes it can even conceal danger, because the baby doesn’t know how to roll over, which means that having buried its nose in a soft pillow, it will not be able to change position.

Another reason why orthopedists do not advise buying a pillow for a baby is the risk of spinal curvature. Anatomical features of the structure of the body allow the child to sleep in the absence of tension on the neck and vertebrae on a completely flat surface.

But sometimes pediatricians recommend purchasing a special pillow made with a 30-degree angle for a small child. So the head will be slightly raised during sleep, which will help reduce the number of regurgitation and ease the process of breathing.

Orthopedic products can be used, but there is no urgent need for this. Their goal is to support the process of proper formation of the bones of the skull and spine due to its special anatomical shape. It can be various (in the form of a butterfly, a circle or a square), but inside there is necessarily a “hole” for the head, and on the sides there are low sides.

Another useful "adaptation" that can facilitate the life of a mother in the first months of a child's life is a pillow for feeding. It can be U, G or I-shaped, and helps relieve tension from the arms, lower back, abdomen, or neck of the mother, while at the same time placing the baby comfortably near the breast.

For older children

After the end of breastfeeding and after the child reaches the age of 2 years, you can purchase an ordinary pillow. But that it was safe for health, and it was really sweet to sleep on it, you need to know how to choose it. To do this, follow a few rules.

  1. The pillow should not be high. It should fit only the head of the child, but in no case the shoulders.
  2. Elasticity is another important factor, you can check it by pressing a finger. If the form quickly returns to its original position, this option can be bought.
  3. Choose a filler considering the possibility of washing.The pillow needs periodic disinfection with detergents and exposure to sunlight.
  4. Carefully read about the fillers and choose hypoallergenic material that does not cause allergies.
  5. The ideal size is the full width of the crib, so the child will not roll off the pillow at night.

crazy hands

But every mother who knows how to sew a little can make a baby pillow with her own hands. It takes only 2 hours of free time. For her, you will need the following materials:

  • fabric (coarse calico, tick) - 50 cm;
  • filler (synthetic winterizer, holofiber) - 300 gr.

The most convenient way is to use a material with a standard width of 150 cm, so by cutting a piece of tick or calico 84 cm long and folding it in half, you will get the desired width of the pillow - 40 cm + 2 cm. Seam allowance. The length will remain standard - 50 cm.

Sew the pillow-case from the wrong side, first along the sides and then along the width, leaving a small “window”. Through it, fill the pillow with padding polyester or another “filling” and sew it up.

Filler - which one is better?

Previously, feather pillows were considered the softest and most comfortable, but the fluff was rather allergenic, because artificial materials gradually began to take its place:

  • holofiber;
  • sintepon;
  • comfort

They do not cause allergies and retain their shape well even after repeated washes.

But if you are still a supporter of eco-lifestyle, then you can choose among natural materials:

  • down;
  • wool;
  • vegetable ingredients.

The lack of synthetic materials is that they do not pass air very well, which means that the baby’s head can sweat. Then it makes sense to choose a pillow, for example, with a woolen filling. This is a versatile material that perfectly retains heat in winter and gives a feeling of coolness in a hot time.

Down fillers “breathe” perfectly, but feathers and down of birds must be thoroughly processed before use. But buckwheat husk has natural orthopedic properties and produces a micro-massage of the head, thereby calming the nervous system.

Remember that only the right pillow can ensure a healthy sleep for your child, so carefully choose the product before you buy it.

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