An unspeakably simple way to cook meat that melts in your mouth

  • Evgeny

    Do not ever do such a shish-kebab!

  • Marat

    Straight road after such a barbecue to a gastroenterologist. If my spouse had at least once fucked up the meat, I would not trust her to cook meat dishes anymore.

  • Sergei

    Preamble non vaginus, non rotes legionus. In the preamble, the guests try to cope with tough meat (fool hostess, did not try the meat before serving). But you still tune in to the fact that a great mystery will be revealed: how to fix cooked tough meat. And it turns out that the advice is proactive. So for preventive softening, there are a thousand ways: to beat off, marinate, etc. So the advice for the hostess, who knows none of these methods.

  • a guest

    Rubric how to spoil the meat with their own hands

  • Alexey

    Yes, in 3-5 hours without any soda, the meat will melt in a saucepan or on a baking sheet during normal cooking)))))))))))

  • Tatyana

    On the head for such advice ...

  • Urusov

    As a person who has lived, I will say, “there is nothing more tender than the best pork neck.” The main thing is not to salt. To taste salt when the meat is ready. Just like 3 ₽.

  • Svetlana

    What a horror. "Sprinkle soda generously" ... And then chew this soda in meat. Yummy, and most importantly - useful. ))) And then - to the pharmacy.
    Do they even think a little with their heads when people are offered this?

  • Marina

    Here strange people, as if they are forced to eat soda. To soften meat or beans, which all knowledgeable cooks do, a chemical reaction is needed to denaturation and partial hydrolysis of proteins. Then just wash off the soda.

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