An elderly couple turned their home into a beautiful structure.

25 years ago this couple had an interesting passion. started creating colored tiles, and her husband Gonzalo Duran smashed them into small pieces to lay out a mosaic around the house. When the couple started work, they didn’t think that they would be able to cover their entire home with this decor. At some point, family creativity went out of control and captured all the free space. The house, the exterior of which was originally not liked by the couple, turned into a beautiful structure decorated with various mosaics.

The whole decor is saturated with the atmosphere of spontaneity, because all creativity is done at the moment of work. Gonzalo has no preliminary plans for decorating the courtyard, he takes a tile and looks at what will come of it.

The house symbolizes the love story of this couple. They met in an art store, and fell in love with each other at first sight. And the wonderful structure of the mosaic was the fruit of their creative union.

You can visit this couple and admire the result from teamwork. Both artists are over 80, but they are full of energy and love for each other. In their home they organized a museum, where they demonstrate other works. Gonzalo creates mechanical sculptures, while Pan paints portraits of her husband.

Walk through the house mosaic can be accompanied by a guide who will leave you at the end of the tour, to give the opportunity to admire everything closer. Here you can see everything except the private bedroom of the couple. After all, the internal rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen, are also decorated with mosaics.

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