Aminocaproic acid: instructions for use, indications, price



The drug is manufactured by the Russian company Altex. Presented the drug in the form of a solution for infusion, the active ingredient of which is aminocaproic acid.


Aminocaproic acid in full and in a short time enters the blood. The therapeutic effect occurs within 20 minutes, which is why the drug is used as an emergency aid for bleeding.

The acid reaches its maximum after 2 hours. Output starts after 4 hours by the kidneys.


Aminocaproic acid has proven to be an excellent remedy for bleeding. The drug is used in operations complicated by abortion, pregnancy during placental abruption and massive blood transfusions.


Since the drug thickens the blood, it should not be taken during hypercoagulation, during which blood clots form.Aminocaproic acid is also prohibited during cerebral circulatory disorders, with DIC and pregnancy, if there is no threat of termination.

Mode of application

Aminocaproic acid is injected only into the vein. If the drug is used as an ambulance, make injections using 100 ml. If necessary, over 8 hours add 20 ml of acid every 60 minutes.

The pediatric dosage of aminocaproic acid is calculated on the basis of weight and is 100 mg per kg of the body. The drug is administered within an hour, if necessary, another 60 mg per kg of weight is added every 60 minutes.

Side effects

A hemostatic drug can cause nausea, migraine, dizziness, weakness, diarrhea. Cases of an allergic reaction, reduction of pressure, development of renal failure were recorded.

Price and analogues

Aminocaproic acid is dispensed through the pharmacy chain on prescription forms. Its cost is 60 rubles per 100 ml. In consultation with the doctor, the drug may be replaced by the analogues "Polycapran", "Tranestat", "Tranexam", "Sanger". These drugs are not structural analogues, so they will have other contraindications and side effects.


Many people note the high efficacy of aminocaproic acid. Quite often it is used in acute respiratory viral infections, namely in the common cold, since, as it turned out, the drug has antiviral properties. It is thanks to the therapeutic effect, aminocaproic acid is actively used for washing the nose, gargling, inhalation.

The doctor prescribed this acid as a remedy for a prolonged cold in a woman’s child. Mom was very surprised to see evidence in the official instructions, but still decided to try. A few days later, the baby’s runny nose went away, the cough stopped, the baby went on the mend.

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