Aloe Face Masks


Aloe houseplant is a common flower that is easy to maintain. In addition, it has many medicinal properties. Its juice is used in official and folk medicine as an independent tool, and as part of ready-made medicines and cosmetics. It is used for general healing of the body, for hair and skin care.


Aloe is taken for weight loss. Its effect is this: it cleanses the body, removes toxins, slags, has a mild laxative effect, emptying the intestines. Reduces cholesterol, purifies blood, improves metabolism, it has a positive effect on weight, it comes back to normal.

Aloe vera extract is sold in pharmacies for intramuscular administration. All drugs have contraindications, aloe is no exception. It can not be used for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, during pregnancy, nephritis, age up to 14 years without a doctor's testimony.

In folk medicine, it is used to treat cancer.However, doctors, by contrast, oppose this technique, considering that aloe sap accelerates the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, this method is controversial and it is undesirable to apply it without the doctor's recommendations.

Girls during pregnancy try to avoid medications, rely more on folk remedies, drink herbs, decoctions, juices, etc. Aloe with honey is considered a good remedy for constipation, but during pregnancy it is better to refuse this remedy.

Juice is also used to improve the structure of the hair, strengthen it, and improve its health. To do this, make special masks that are easily prepared at home. They are composed of aloe juice, in combination with other ingredients. All together it has a positive effect on the scalp and the hair itself.

Aloe is used for cosmetic purposes for the face. They make healing lotions, masks, juice added to creams, lotions that you use daily.

Side effects

Side effects occur most often with internal and intramuscular use. When aloe enters the stomach, pain, bloating, diarrhea can occur, and menstrual bleeding increases.During pregnancy increases the tone of the uterus. After injections, local reactions occur: inflammation, itching, redness.

When applied topically, allergic reactions are likely, but this is extremely rare. To check if you are suffering from this disease, spread a small amount of aloe juice on your wrist, here the skin is the most delicate. If there is a reaction in the form of itching, swelling or redness, then you are allergic.

Aloe Face Masks

Skin problems

Problems with the skin of the face begin as early as adolescence. First, it is acne, which according to the promises of parents should pass with age. However, they do not always pass, you have to take cardinal measures to eliminate inflammation on the face.

Black points are considered to be one of the most common problems among all ages. They are especially distinguished on fatty areas of the skin, the so-called T-zone: nose, chin and forehead. They are formed because of the increased work of the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. It clogs the pores, black spots are formed. Many struggle with them with the help of manual or mechanical cleaning, special cosmetics, lotions, napkins, etc.

Dryness and hypersensitivity are frequent problems. They arise due to the lack of vitamins, healthy fats in the human diet, water, hereditary predisposition is possible.

In addition to external influences with the help of cosmetic, caring and therapeutic agents, it is useful to consider in detail your own nutrition. There is a possibility that you are doing something wrong, there is a shortage of necessary substances. Because of this, the proper functioning of the whole organism is disrupted. This is reflected in the appearance.

With age, wrinkles form on the skin. At first they are not noticeable much, then they become deeper, more pronounced. It is necessary from the age of 25 to start caring for the face, moisturize the skin, use creams appropriate for age.

You can contact your dermatologist with your problem. He will prescribe treatment, but not always it turns out to be effective. Therefore, traditional medicine recommends resorting to additional funds that have been known for a long time and are popular with women.

Homemade masks

Masks, cooked on your own at home - a great solution to some skin problems. Aloe juice will help with this.It must be prepared in advance for the procedure. Tear off some juicy, fleshy leaves from the bottom of the flower, wash them, dry them naturally and wrap in a thin natural fabric. Store in the refrigerator in the department for storing vegetables for 10-12 days. There, the plant is nourished with organic substances that have a therapeutic effect on the skin.

Aloe Face Masks

After the time we get the leaves, put out the rotten ones, and squeeze out the remaining ones. You can simply press on the plant with a spoon, or clean out all the pulp and squeeze the juice out of it with gauze. The resulting nectar can be used as an independent means of care, and an additional ingredient in the composition of the masks, lotions, balms.

Aloe heals wounds, stimulates cell growth, moisturizes, nourishes, disinfects, kills germs, regenerates, cleans. These properties have been known for a long time, aloe was used instead of medicines. Now the juice of the plant is sold in pharmacies.

Results from the application

Normalizes the complexion, makes the skin silky, elastic, soft.
Moisturizes, relieves dryness, peeling, nourishes with essential nutrientsthanks to which cells grow faster, they are constantly updated.
Rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles, removes dead skin.
Relieves pollution, cleans pores, relieves inflammation. Therefore, black spots and acne do not threaten you anymore.
If you are still young, it's time to start taking care of your skin now. Wrinkles in the future will be less pronounced.

The juice contains a large amount of vitamins that nourish the skin, tone up, regenerate, fill with strength and vitality.

For a deeper effect and enhance the effect, add aloe juice to your nourishing cream. This is done one-time. That is, if it is night cream, then before sending it to bed, squeeze out the required amount of cream into your hand and put aloe there, mix and apply it on your face, tapping your fingers on the skin, as if hammering the mixture inwards. Do the same with face lotion. So cleansing will be effective, and the inflamed areas will be disinfected and will eventually dry out. Before use, you must steam the skin. This can be done in several ways:

wash your face with hot but not burning water,
wet a terry towel with hot water and put it on your face for 30 seconds
steam out in a water bath.

For masks, you can use not only juice, but also pulp, so the mixture will not be liquid and will hold well. There are many recipes with aloe that are applied to the facial skin. Here are some of them:

Moisturizing. To your daily cream, add a couple drops of peach oil and a teaspoon of aloe flesh, mix and apply to the face for half an hour. The mixture is removed with a napkin.
Cleansing. This procedure is done by courses of 30 times. To do this, sew a face-shaped fabric mask with cutouts for the eyes and mouth. Make it better from gauze in several layers. Soak it in aloe juice and put it on the face for 30 minutes. During the application is recommended to rest. The first week make such lotions every day, next in a day. At the end of the course, it is recommended to do the procedure once a week for prevention and for fixing.
RefreshingTake the egg yolk, a spoonful of aloe juice and a spoonful of sour cream. Apply on the face and neck layers as the previous layer solidifies. Wash off with warm water without using soap and soap containing cosmetics.Aloe Face Masks

To be beautiful, young and healthy, it is not necessary to resort to expensive salon procedures.Look around, maybe near you there is a valuable plant that stands idle without work.

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