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  •  IVF replicates natural reproduction. The baby grows in the womb and like a natural pregnancy. In such a situation, parents have many doubts that the child born through IVF would be as healthy as normal children. Here are answers to some common questions that people have regarding IVF.

  • Despite the availability of this treatment, only 1% of the infertile married couples undergo this treatment. Here are some of the reasons why they do not opt for a fertility treatment.

  • A recent National Family Health Survey-4 survey done by the government across 26 states and Union Territories has found that more than 20% of Indians suffer from diabetes, making India second to only China in number of diabetes patients.

  • It is only natural to feel stressed and burnt out before a critical examination such as JEE Advanced. But don’t let stressful factors come in the way of your preparation. All you need to do is find ways to deal with the pressure of taking the examination constructively.

  • When we have no justifiable explanation, we avoid observing rituals for fear of being looked upon as old-fashioned or without real understanding. We need to study and try to find the significance behind most rituals.

  • Prasad comes from the word Prasāda in Sanskrit, which was originally described in Vedic literature as a spiritual state. In an early text, the Rig Veda, Prasāda is described as a mental state experienced by gods or sages, in which they felt a spontaneous generosity, often granting boons to their followers. It is actually only much later in history that Prasāda came to describe the offering of material things such as clothes, flowers and food, especially sweets.

  • Why would we buy insurance online? Because, we buy everything else online, even grocery! Why should insurance be any different?

  • Who doesn’t like a serving of piping hot pasta with their favorite seasoning and sauce? A staple dish from Italy, pasta is one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisines in the world. with the all new KENT pasta and noddle maker, snack time will become more vibrant and full of choices.

  • If you are looking for customized benefits while choosing corporate health insurance, then group medical insurance may not work for you.

  • India is known to be the diabetes capital in the world with the highest diabetes related deaths over the last decade. The fact that diabetes and hypertension go almost hand-in-hand has already been proven. Co-existence of Hypertension with diabetes also pushes risks to the heart further. Obesity is also a contributory factor in high blood pressure levels.

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