After these ideas, you will no longer throw away your old wallpaper.

  • Anonymous

    that's what poverty does to people !!!!

    • Anonymous

      Fool, he is in AFRICA DOOR

    • Irina

      This is not poverty, it is the paucity of your mind and fantasy.

  • Anonymous

    quite nice if there is a taste)))

  • Synonym

    This is entertainment ... women's tricks of boredom ... men do not understand. Consider this a continuation of the transfer of "crazy hands"

  • hostess

    but in my opinion is not even bad. in vain you are so. good ideas. very beautiful. and cool. and really economical.


    This is called zahlomit their homes or make shit from candy. Ryushechki boxes to roll.

  • Lelik

    the stairs and the map are funny, the rest is not impressed.

  • Anonymous

    On the taste and color, comrades do not.

  • Interesting ideas, somewhere cute, somewhere creative

  • frivolousness always creates a sense of mess, clutter

  • Anonymous

    Photo of the kitchen, or rather the dining room (the walls in it) shuddered and the left eye twitched .... the brain did not contain it in itself

  • Anonymous

    pevvord of wallpaper, patchwork walls.Can be used as a holiday option

  • Simona2

    At home or in the country in any case. Fuss a lot, but the result is sad.
    I do not like motley, ryushkovoe and trinket.

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