Spot-painted bottles in African style

Posted by: Nika Ethnica

It may seem that such an ornament is very complex in design due to the many different small details. In fact, it is much easier to draw than a single drawing. The drawing is made up of only points, pure point-to-point. You do not draw solid lines, which means that the problem with "shaking hands" and, consequently, no curved lines disappears. To understand the principle of ornament, I advise you to repeat the master class exactly as with an example, then you can draw your own variations of ornaments.

I chose a bottle already prepared - glazed ceramics, my favorite material. Black or dark brown surface will serve as an excellent background for any pattern. If you have a glass bottle, then it is necessary to carry out some manipulations of the preparation before you begin to paint. First, the bottle will need to be primed (I use a Kompozit water-based primer. After the primer has dried, you will need to paint the bottle in the desired color, and gloss over the top with a glossy varnish.Only after that you can start painting.

The first thing to do is to degrease the painted surface with alcohol or vodka. The constant attributes of the painting of the contours should be a toothpick, a napkin and a cotton swab. If you are "stuck" and you need to immediately wipe the contour, and you run around the apartment in panic in search of a cotton swab, and the contour dries out. But, if it is still dry and you did not have time to find a wand, a toothpick comes in handy here! It is very convenient for her to scrape off the failed points. About a napkin, and not about jeans, you will constantly wipe the tip of the contour, so keep all these items nearby.

1. At the base, I usually make a continuous row of points, it can be large, as in this case. For convenience, we first set the red dots at the same distance, then put the white between them. In order to achieve thin points, we do everything easily, we do not press on the tube, and we touch the surface briefly and quickly. Try to not only the points were the same size, but also the distance between them.

2. Do not forget to alternate colors, then the picture will not look monotonous. Insert simple lines of dots between the ornaments, two or three of the same color, surround the dark elements with light and vice versa.Here, for example, in front of green triangles is a simple line with a golden outline, above them is also a stroke of gold. A simple way to draw straight lines of the same triangles without scribing - count the dots: three up, three down, three up, three down, and so on. If the last triangle does not fit, not scary, let it be a little less or more, it will not be noticeable on the general background.

3. Another simple pattern - we put on two large points at a short distance from each other. Between them there are small three points in a different color and the same line on top. All these patterns can be repeated several times by changing colors, this will be seen in the example.

4. Then I just made a small color transition from the lines from dark to light.

5. Again triangles, this time one point longer. And also, pay attention, here I filled inside with white dots, the previous time I put one big point. We need diversity, after all. 🙂

6. Another simple technique is the alternation of large dots with small different colors.

7. We put two rows of points.

8. And again, large points at a small (but the same!) Distance from each other.

9. From above we draw a row of gold points, focus on the upper edge of large green dots so that the line does not warp. And then repeat step 3 and make vertical lines between the green dots.

10.Triangles are bigger.

11. We make one more floor from the same triangles.

12. Only now inside other colors. Inside the triangles, also count the points to make it smooth and beautiful.

13. And one more row of exactly the same pattern in a different color.

14. The next series is simpler, just a few rounds of what happened. Alternating colors, we make four identical rows of points.

15. Align the line by adding vertical “bars” and connecting them along the upper edge. The number of points in the bars should be the same. Inside we fill with dots space.

16. Do not forget sometimes to separate patterns with simple lines of different colors.

17. Next, I made a pattern in the form of oblique lines with alternation of 5 different colors. It is important to monitor the inclination of the lines here and if it starts to warp, try to align it so that the top edge is not too curved. Its unevenness will hide behind straight lines, which we will draw from above.

18. Repeat step 3.

19. Another pattern is waves. It is a little more complicated, since it is especially necessary to monitor the smoothness of the curve. Again, count points from top to bottom. Please note that several previous patterns on both sides are separated by straight lines of the same color, in our case - gold.

20. We put large points in the bends closer to the line.

21. And circle them in a semicircle.Two intersecting waves are obtained.

22. Add contrasting colors and dilute with simple lines and dots.

23. Triangles as in step 2, and then alternating large points.

24. After several lines in a row of different colors, draw the cells. First, we will make columns of the same number of points and at the same distance from each other (the distance is easy to calculate by points from below). Focusing on the top edge draw a line.

25. Inside each cell, we connect the corners by lines criss-crosswise, we get four triangles. two of them are filled with dots.

26. Again dividing lines and points.

27. Small triangles.

28. From the top point of the triangles we draw columns and a line, inside the cells we put three points from the greater to the lesser.

29. Several lines of different colors and steps 8-9.

30. We come to the very neck. Everything is simple here - lines of different colors and points of different sizes.

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