Advantages and disadvantages of permanent residence in the Czech Republic

Few decide to change their place of residence. And if you are planning such a crucial and important step, then first weigh the pros and cons. For example, living in the Czech Republic has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of living in the Czech Republic

First, consider the advantages of permanent residence in the Czech Republic:

  • Low crime rate. There are very few criminal districts here, and they are all on the outskirts, in which tourists and locals rarely wander. You can walk around the rest of the streets even at night, without fear of being robbed.
  • The opportunity to get a good education. Moreover, it is provided absolutely free, even for foreigners.
  • The opportunity to purchase any fruits and vegetables, including exotic. On the shelves of markets and supermarkets, they are available almost all year round, and the prices for them can be safely called reasonable.
  • Quite affordable real estate. First, it is relatively inexpensive.Secondly, local legislation does not prevent the purchase of housing by foreigners. Thirdly, Czech banks provide mortgage lending with acceptable interest rates. Fourthly, the bureaucracy is less pronounced than in some other countries.
  • Relatively mild climate. In winter it is much warmer here than, for example, in Russia. Summer will be appreciated by those who do not tolerate the heat: it is rather cool and not very sunny. Spring and autumn are pleased with stable weather and comfortable temperatures. But if you prefer the bright sun and heat, then in the summer you will have to go to other countries.
  • Nature and architecture. Czechia is one of the most popular and favorite among tourists countries, and it really has something to see. Monuments of architecture here are under protection and are constantly being restored, so that locals and visitors could enjoy their beauty. You can see very unusual and creative installations of young creators of art. The nature is also impressive: in the Czech Republic there are a lot of parks and simply beautiful places for family holidays, ski resorts and spectacular landscapes are available.
  • Transport.Its urban network is quite developed and represented by various types: metro, buses, trams. Movement is carried out strictly according to the schedule, so any passenger has the opportunity to draw up a detailed route and even predict the time of the journey. In addition, all modes of transport are kept clean and equipped with air conditioning. The fare is acceptable, it is possible to purchase a single ticket and thus save money. In addition, movement between cities and trouble-free flights to neighboring countries are possible.
  • Roads. The rules of the road are strictly regulated and therefore respected, and any violations are subject to heavy fines. The traffic is rather calm, traffic jams, if any, are infrequent and small. All participants of the movement are polite both when interacting with each other and with respect to pedestrians. In addition, if you have a driver's license obtained at home, you can practically exchange it for Czech.
  • Internet shopping. They are very well developed in the Czech Republic: in online stores you can buy any goods, ranging from products to household appliances, accessories and clothing.Delivery is carried out within a few days, and under the condition of low or inappropriate quality money can be returned.
  • The ability to play sports or just keep active. In the Czech Republic there are a lot of sports clubs or equipped open areas, where anyone can strengthen their body and spirit and practice in the morning or after work.
  • Promotion of small and medium businesses. If you decide to open your own business, then if you wish, and if you have the initial capital, you can do it.
  • Pretty high level of medicine. Assistance is provided in a quality, timely and professional manner, and if there is paid insurance, it is also free.
  • Absence of an explicit division of society into strata. There are not so many rich people here, and their incomes are not very different from the budget of less well-off people. Probably, such a plus is due to the fact that the Czechs are envious and therefore are simply afraid to stand out and become an object of envy from others.
  • Many people consider a very lively nightlife a plus: there are really a lot of clubs, cafes and pubs in the Czech Republic, and many work almost around the clock.

Cons of life in the Czech Republic

Now consider all the disadvantages of permanent residence in the Czech Republic:

  • If you decide to rent housing, then you will face significant costs, since most of the local residents are greedy and seek to get as much from the emigrants as possible. Therefore, many seriously minded visitors decide to buy real estate.
  • High payment for utilities. The cost of living in a small one-room apartment is comparable to the maintenance of the cottage. But in the payment included a full service and a place in the underground parking.
  • The mentality of the locals. First, they are neutral, and sometimes even aggressively disposed towards visitors. For them, emigration is an incomprehensible and sometimes unacceptable phenomenon. Secondly, some Czechs consider their neighbors Ukrainians and Russians impolite, unbridled and arrogant. Thirdly, the locals are extremely isolated, unfriendly, unsociable and envious.
  • The language barrier. It would seem that Czech refers to the same language group, but in fact, the speech of local residents is very different from Ukrainian and Russian and most visitors are not clear.Other languages ​​Czechs practically do not know, and learning their native is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. If you try to explain something with gestures, you are unlikely to want to understand and take it seriously.
  • Lack of some products. For example, in the Czech Republic you are unlikely to find familiar and favorite dumplings, ready-made cakes. The choice of fish and quality meat is also small. The situation is not the best with natural products: local producers try to save in every possible way and use various additives.
  • Job. Find her a visitor is not as easy as we would like. Although foreign diplomas are accepted here, but some professions are not developed, but there are few really worthwhile job opportunities. In addition, many employers are skeptical of expatriates and prefer local applicants. And, finally, the envy of the Czechs often causes them to build intrigues, weave intrigues at work and literally “survive” diligent and hardworking employees.
  • Not the highest standard of living, especially in comparison with more developed European countries. Although the local currency is fairly stable, it is not very high.And the average salary in the country can not be called decent.
  • Expensive medical care. Many, having learned how much medical insurance costs, decide to abandon it and rely on their health. Comprehensive service is really expensive, especially when it comes to children (the cost can reach 500-600 euros per year, which is not available to everyone). In addition, there are other difficulties in the field of medicine: pharmacies only work until a certain time, so it is not possible to purchase medicine that suddenly ended at night. And many drugs are sold only by prescription.
  • Czech laws are extremely loyal to visitors: emigrants are oppressed and discriminated against in every way, so they often face problems, and in certain cases they cannot defend their rights (in some areas of life they are severely infringed). Getting Czech citizenship is not as easy as we would like.
  • Inexpensive alcohol and partial legalization of drugs. For these reasons, fans come to the Czech Republic to drink and have fun. Especially a lot of people come here during periods of various festivals and other noisy events.
  • Although it is possible to open one's own business in the Czech Republic, it is still very difficult to lead and develop it, as the local people are rather greedy, especially in relation to visitors. Therefore, the Czechs prefer to cooperate with local businessmen and not to pay extra money.
  • If you are accustomed to dress fashionably, then in this country to match the world's trends is very difficult: in local stores there are few beautiful things, and most of them are quite expensive. Therefore, all the Czechs dress dull, gray and monotonous.
  • High cost of mobile communication. If on duty you will often have to call a cell phone, the payment of calls can hit hard on your budget. And it is costly to call relatives abroad.
  • Many tourists say that it is very dirty and unpleasant to be in local bars and pubs.

If you decide to move to the Czech Republic for permanent residence, you can now assess all the disadvantages and advantages of living in this country and make the right decision.

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