Advantages and disadvantages of gommage

The human body is a unique and perfect system that is equipped with many useful functions of self-defense and self-control. Unfortunately, the negative impact of the environment adversely affects our health and appearance, many functions weaken and slow down, including self-cleaning and skin renewal.

Every day, thousands of microparticles of dust, dirt and other pollutants that clog our pores are deposited on the skin, the surface of the epidermis thickens and becomes dull, unhealthy. Also on the natural process of self-purification affect such negative factors as stress, unhealthy diet, overwork, ecology and many others, from which it is not so easy to get rid of!

As a result, dull, painful and weakened skin of the face or body, on which earlier than it should be, wrinkles, pigment spots and other age-related changes occur. But there is no need to despair ahead of time, because we can help our skin to recover and rejuvenate, for this purpose it is enough to carry out peeling procedures regularly, and gommage is one of them. What it is?

Perhaps this is a completely new word for you, which is not surprising, because, as a way or means of cleansing the skin, it appeared in our country not so long ago, however, it already managed to acquire an army of fans.

The word “gommage” originates from the French “gomme,” which means “eraser,” and indeed, if you try this tool on yourself, then make sure that the textures are similar: a sticky and elastic film covers the skin, collecting dead skin cells under it.

Beneficial features

If you feel that not a single modern gel for washing can cope with cleansing your face, and all sorts of scrubs only injure, scratch and irritate sensitive skin, then it's time to learn about the innovative discovery of cosmetologists and gommazh.

Such agents have a number of important advantages over other cleansing agents: despite the fact that gommage works on the principle of the same scrub, you will not find solid traumatic particles in it that can easily injure the delicate surface of the epidermis.

In fact, the peeling gommazh in the original version was created for too sensitive, delicate and thin skin of the face or body, but this does not mean that women with another type cannot indulge themselves with such a highly effective remedy.

Due to what is a gentle cleansing? The composition of such funds always includes chemically active substances, the so-called fruit acids, which cover dead cells with their layer and dissolve them, thereby eliminating the upper surface of the epidermis.

This effect is much softer and more delicate, but due to additional components, such as chamomile extract, aloe, licorice, ginseng or other cosmetic components, the skin is also moisturized, nourished and saturated with vitamins.

Such a number of real advantages of this tool make it truly unique, and therefore each woman must not only know about its existence, but also regularly use it for the beauty of her own body.

Which to choose?

Practically in every famous cosmetic brand you can find similar skin care products, they may contain special components or vary in volume, but the principle of action remains the same.

In principle, as we have said, gommage was created for cleansing delicate and sensitive skin of the face, and therefore there is no need to select it for your own type, in fact, any option is suitable, only you will need to use it differently.

If you are the owner of oily or combination skin, then the procedure can be carried out 2-3 times a week, for ladies with a dry and normal type, it is recommended to use gommage no more than 1-2 times a week.

How to use?

As before any other procedure at home, those areas of the skin to which you intend to apply gommage should be steamed: it is better to take a hot bath or use steam baths on herbs.

If you have thin and very sensitive skin, then it is better to skip the process with herbs. And all the rest is only an additional therapy for rejuvenation, which will increase the effectiveness of gommage, usually calendula or pharmacy chamomile is suitable for baths.

Then we apply the remedy itself - it should have a soft, watery and uniform structure, with massage movements we move from top to bottom. It is better to apply gommage with your hands in order to massage the upper layer of the skin in parallel, after which we give it 10-15 minutes to rest. The eye area should be closed with cucumber slices or cotton swabs soaked in herbs.

When you feel that the product has dried (the face will begin to tighten), then the resulting film must be “rolled up” with your fingertips, while holding the skin with your other hand to avoid stretching it.After the film is completely gone, wash your face with warm water and apply a nourishing mask or cream.

Gommage can be applied not only on the face, but also on the neck, decollete and hands. By the way, peeling homemaking can be prepared with your own hands: for dry and delicate skin, you can use orange zest and oat flour as ingredients, which must be ground in a blender.

Then add a little semolina and water to the resulting mass in order to achieve the consistency of the pap. For oily skin, you can use dry cream and rice flour, taken in equal proportions, and then mix with the same amount of barley flour. The principle of use remains the same as for professional tools.

Indications for use

  • dull and lifeless face skin that lacks vitamins;
  • negative environmental effects: frequent wind, frost or bright sun;
  • presence of age-related changes;
  • stress and illness.
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