A very simple dessert for tea with four ingredients.


  • 200 g dark or dairy chocolate to your taste
    25 g butter
    200 g of boiled condensed milk
    120 g pistachios (also suitable cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia, walnuts or a mixture)


Chocolate break into pieces and put in a bowl with butter and condensed milk.

We put in a water bath and, stirring, melt and bring to homogeneity. We remove from the bath.
Coarsely chop nuts

Add to the chocolate mixture and mix.
Pour the mixture onto a baking sheet covered with foil and allow to cool to room temperature. Then put in the fridge and hold until the mass hardens.

We take out the fondant from the mold, remove the foil and cut the fondant into small pieces.

The finished product is stored in a tightly closed container. A week is kept accurately.

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