A unique way to humidify the air during the heating season! It will be needed in every home.

  • Anyuta

    I highly doubt that the water from the vessel will go up. According to the laws of physics, it should flow down, which means that the bottle should be fixed above the pipe. It is even easier to hang small plastic bottles open or with a cut-off top between the edges of the battery. So much for evaporation. Of course, if there is a good battery temperature.

  • Not exactly Annie

    Annie - another victim of the exam! About the capillaries that did not hear?

  • Nacezhda

    What set! Now in interior departments special vessels for batteries are on sale, very nice, by the way

  • Nacezhda

    Sorry, wretchedness

  • shamil

    Yes, at the same time it will help to quickly replace the pipe (if it is metal)

  • Anonymous

    And if the batteries in the wall, then where to tie?

  • Anonymous

    Unique "Beauty"

  • Anonymous

    I take faceted glass cups by the number of grooves between the battery and the wall, I put them (shove) between the battery and the wall, they fit in very well, hold well,from the room they are almost invisible, pouring water.

  • Anonymous

    and I use a humidifier. still live in the 21st century)

  • Anonymous

    And did not you just try to air the room periodically?

  • Anonymous

    Good advice. Only not for everyone. Someone lives in the 21st century, someone does not like aesthetics. But "cheap and angry" is for sure. A winding, all the heat released.

  • It is proved that if in a frost to air the room, the humidity in the room drops sharply. It is effective only in wet and not cold weather. The frost only gets worse. So our humidifier is all 🙂

  • Michael

    what hogwash! in the twenty-first century!

  • Anonymous

    all fools

  • Margarita

    Not to mention the fact that constantly wet gauze will exfoliate the paint, rust will appear.

  • Anonymous

    I want to swear obscenities ... Put a basin of water or a pot next to the radiator - it's easier ...

  • Anonymous

    After I got a moisturizer, I realized that all these adaptations are complete garbage. I let into the air 3 liters of water per day and only then the effect is felt. And how much can evaporate from the bottle? Glass, less ???

  • Anonymous

    In general, there is not enough cellophane, the pipe will rust in this scheme! First we wrap the pipe with cellophanethen a rag or wet gauze here, a capacity of 5 liters can fly away in a working day! We use the scheme already with 10-year-olds!

  • Ruslan

    If you put the capacity above the battery, or close to the battery, then the efficiency is much higher. Now I use an ultrasonic humidifier, when opening a window in the winter, and we have below -50 in the winter, the humidity decreases, verified by experience.

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