A simple way to inspire a husband to get up from the couch and earn

The secret is shared by an expert in personal finance, a millionaire woman and a mother of three children.

A lot of articles have been written on how to inspire a man to great deeds, but all of them are ... quite abstract. Praise more, surround with care, inspire - such advice can hardly be called a direct guide to action. And what if a man really wants to earn his first million, but does not know how? Or something demoralized him, because he lay down on the sofa? .. Or ... Well, as in the history of one of our readers, see below.


“We came with a guy to conquer Moscow together. They rented an apartment, everyone found a job, began to work together on the plan “Let's become rich and happy” ... But at some point I noticed that Artyom started looking around. Previously, I was the only one in his life, and then my colleague’s beloved calls to his side, tossed off the works in order to accomplish the tasks set.Anna (that is the name of this woman), in my opinion, also shows interest in him. Artyom does not show it, but doubt has been living in my soul for many months now: what if he succumbs to temptation, he will not stand it and leave me for the sake of a more ... resource woman? She is much more active than me (even though I take care of myself, I go to trainings and in my own way tear up this world), strong, energetic and, what is there, more profitable. Will I not stay at the broken trough? And without a guy, and without money ... "

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And inspiring for deeds and not losing a loved one is not an easy task. For advice, we turned to Natalia Zakheim, an expert in personal finance, practice and a millionaire real estate and business woman in three countries (!). Natasha not only knows how to make money, but also eagerly teaches others in her courses. And, by the way, Zakheim students are turning to her not only for financial advice. Natalia has 18 years of marriage, and she is the mother of three beautiful children. Our expert is sure: the success of a man very much depends on how a woman behaves.

Natalia Zakheim, an expert in personal finance:
Natalia Zakheim

- There is such a fairy tale about the king and queen. About how they lived, they lived, but suddenly enemies attacked the kingdom. The king gathered an army and went to war, and the queen remained to wait for him with victory.Bravely fought the king and his army. When the victory was already very close, the messenger brought the news that the enemy had found an ally and received a huge reinforcement, which is already moving towards the king's camp.

The hero faltered. He fled from the camp at night, and by morning he was at the gate of the castle. Throwing on the rags, the beggar king knocked and asked for alms from the queen. The queen came out and said: “Get out, they'll give you food in the kitchen!” “You didn't recognize me? The king asked in a whisper. “It's me, your husband.” “My husband is king. And he is now fighting for our home. And you are a miserable beggar. "

The king was painfully ashamed of his weakness. He turned in the direction of the camp, and on the way he figured out how to defeat the enemy.

On a snow-white horse, the king rode into his city and laid the winning trophies at the queen's feet. Later during a feast in honor of the great victory, he asked his wife: “After all, you knew that it was me. Why didn't you let me take refuge in the palace? ”And the queen replied:“ If you had stayed in the palace, you would have spent your whole life as a miserable beggar! ”

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What is this story about? A man is a fighter by nature. When you need to show fighting qualities, he feels on top of the world. It is important for any man to feel like a hero.Especially when there is a woman, at whose feet you can lay down golden trophies / keys to the new apartment / fur coat / tickets for a cruise.

Now imagine the situation: at the dinner, your hero solemnly said: “I went around 20 other candidates and received a grant for my project. I will work like a goddamn whole year, but when everything works out, we will move to a new home and I will buy a BMW for myself! ”What do you say to him:“ I can’t watch how you’ll work hard all day. We already have a nice flat. If you want your car so much, let's not go on vacation, I will manage the economy even more economically, and then we will scrap you for the car. You know, dear, I do not need anything, so long as you are happy. ”

What does a man feel at this moment? That he was thrown from a snow-white stallion for the sake of a beggarly existence.

The king asked his wife: “Why didn't you give me shelter?” And the queen replied: “If you stayed in the palace, you would have spent your whole life like a miserable beggar!”

And now a different situation. You rush to his neck with a cry: “I have always known that you will succeed!” And then you start dreaming out loud. You tell me how wonderful your house will be, how proud you will be when he calls in to work on your new BMW, how you will massage him in a luxury hotel on the coast.

A real man appreciates the woman who raises him, gives his exploits meaning, and not the one that envelops him with suffocating care.

I often ask my male students: “Why did you come to my course?” Everyone says about the same thing: to become successful, rich, build your business. And to my question “And why do you need wealth?” They usually answer: “So that my family lived with dignity”.

And it is true. A man does not need much. Because of his nature, he is ready to sleep in a tent and endure domestic hardships. But since ancient times, a man knows that while he is hunting, his wife and children are waiting for him in a cave. He must bring whatever the woman asks.

It turns out that the more we demand, the better our man feels.

Psychologists say that every man has an assembly point. It can be located anywhere. And how a man will be assembled depends on the woman. How many times have I come across situations where men with great potential were simply plunged into poverty by women with low levels of need. Conversely, how many men raised their level, because they wanted to meet a decent woman.

Requests women determine the standard of living of the couple.If a woman is willing to come to terms with a miserable level of existence, is willing to endure poverty, with her devotion, with her care, with her willingness to lend a shoulder and bring cartridges, such a pair will always live poorly. And even if the man was once ready for a feat. This is a very masculine property - if everything works in such a way, why improve? But do not cut anyone. You just need to dream out loud.

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I often ask my male students: “Why do you need wealth?” Most often, they answer: “So that my family lived with dignity”.

If you see beautiful furniture in a magazine, show him a picture. Do not immediately say “I want”: tell him about the difference between Italian and Swedish furniture. Do not demand furniture immediately - give him time to set a goal. Let it be even a year or two - continue to form it. With the same approach, dream out loud about travel, about a country house. And that's what's important! Spend first the time and energy to know exactly your real desires, figure out your preferences, and thoroughly study the subtleties of the luxury segment. And he will first "do feats for you." And then he himself will see how nice it is to come to a beautifully furnished house, go out with a well-groomed and expensively dressed wife, listen to friends discuss his new car.

Never reduce the level of needs, but do not rush. At the same time, do not be afraid that, having bought a fur coat, he will pull money out of business and it will be difficult for him. Do not give up on your dreams. He will not be grateful for that. He will appreciate if, thanks to you, he does not stand still, does not lie on the sofa in search of himself, but accomplishes feat after feat.

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Do not regret that it is difficult. Ask any man when he feels better. In a work-around job, when you need to quickly make decisions, take risks, build strategies, or when he lies on the couch, because he has a crisis, and his wife, showing understanding and care, brings borscht ... Do I have to say that in such conditions a man will not rise never?

So do not pack your man at the most primitive level. Always remember that he is a hero by nature. And he will succeed if he knows what it is for.

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