Classical wedding - this is not relevant?

The latter can not but rejoice, given that Russia still heads the list of countries with the largest number of divorces relative to the number of marriages. Yes, and this very "habit of marrying," which is devoted to more than one Hollywood comedy, we also have: according to statistics, remarried or marries every third of those who ever married.

But traditions are traditions, and the modern liberal culture of relations (though not without the participation of the economic crisis) nevertheless has its own impact: fewer people every year if they succeeded in: a) meeting and b) falling in love - go to point "c" - marry.

Not to mention the fact that progressive youth has a “normal” wedding turned into a sign of bad taste. Swap oaths in the registry office, and then rent for the holiday white limousine and district tavern - this is no longer a matrimonial dream, and the plot for a comedy with the actors from the film "Bitterly"

Spend all the money on a dress with a heavy decor, like funeral bouquets, ask for loans from parents to pay extra booze for the guests (and of the 150 who came you are personally familiar with about 50!), And then hope that at least someone from those who came to "pay" part of the amount you spent with money instead of a gift - here it is, a nightmare of current millennials who find each other in dating applications, go to parades for visits, and want to build a joint dwelling in the style of "Scandinavian minimalism." After all, it is simpler, and cheaper, and cozier, when there is no crystal or turtles nearby for luck. These modern lovers seem to have seriously read the positive public about the fact that one must live one day (actually, in our country it does not work out the other way), save emotions instead of trash, and spend all the rest on travel and sports clothes, and suddenly opened up for yourself, that in itself a wedding is perhaps the most expensive divorce for money that you have to go through in life. And all this is supposedly "for love".

Classical wedding - this is not relevant?

Judge for yourself by suppressing a bit of romantic impulses and picking up a calculator.

A wedding dress will cost you a whole salary, in which you will painfully tack between the rows of guests and still either catch a chair or step into a puddle, and not only never wear it again, but also hide it away, out of sight the next day

Shoes, a handbag, and bouquets and tiaras all there will come out at half the salary, in which you will need to shine like a Disney princess (after all, where do girls dream of a luxurious wedding?), And in life resemble a rural beauty pageant with a single finalist . Two salaries will go to the photographer and the operator, who will send you the result for half a year until you finally divorce or move to permanent residence in another state.

Another half of the salary - to the master of ceremonies, who will cheer granny, stick together a couple of your lonely school friends and at the end of the evening will give everyone an allergy to idiotic holiday humor

And then it will still be “bitter!” So ​​many times that you will want to defend yourself with cutlery, a selfie with a cake from which you won't get a slice, and also humiliating tips from half-acquaintances about how often you need to cook / love / nurture / appease your husband to grow to the notorious "good wife."And that's not all: you'll once again weep with nerves and fatigue at the same time, once shout at five-minutes-as-a-husband for the fact that he's sick of it all earlier than you, hating someone from his distant relatives and that -You'll lose anything - a wedding ring, tiara, self-control or patience. And then in the end it will be covered by a long white check bill, like a winter down blanket, and you will finally make sure that you have arranged this holiday for others and never again in your life will repeat this.

Classical wedding - this is not relevant?

It is for this reason that everything that goes beyond the “signed-noted-dispersed” frameworks, is annoyingly protested by modern youth. The older generation asks: "When is the wedding already?" - and the younger one can not explain to himself what exactly this event means - the promise of loyalty and eternal devotion, the transition to some new "serious" status or the form of a public contract, which in the future will simplify financial transactions between each other. The wedding lost its fairy tale, because even our parents sometimes resorted to this procedure twice, and then still could not agree on the phone who takes the refrigerator from the store and children from swimming on Saturdays.A wedding no longer symbolizes the border between innocent and vicious, because we no longer cunning about sex, we do it, sometimes even on the first date, and sometimes we even know that this partner really suits us.

We still honor traditions, but create more of our own, intimate, selfish — for ourselves, only for ourselves and not for others. And a wedding in Las Vegas for the last money or a painting and a bottle of champagne under a tree in the district park - some of them

We have ceased to be conducted on the “right way” and “the way everyone does” (not all, of course, but still). And they unexpectedly discovered a wondrous new world: it turns out, those who do not marry with a pomp are less likely to experience the red tape of divorce. And with the money saved from the wedding, you can afford to do everything for your heart, for several months in a row.

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