A bulk ball of wrapping paper

Volume ball of wrapping paper
If you have a large amount of bright transparent wrapping paper in your home, do not rush to get rid of it.
edging paper
From it you can make a beautiful ball with which you can decorate a room not only for the New Year, but also for any other holiday. It is also possible to entrust a teenage girl with such a craft if she is already familiar with sewing skills. To do this, you need 20-25 large circles, cut from such paper.
 cut circles
It can be of a different color - from this the work will only become more beautiful. If you do not have transparent paper, then such a ball can be made from corrugated, as well as from any elastic paper that does not wrinkle much. The size of the ball will correspond to the diameter of your prepared circles.Prepare a sharp thin needle with a long thread and paper clips: you will need them twice as large as blanks. Fold the circle in half and fasten with a clip. Since the shiny paper has poorly visible folds, the folding principle is shown on plain colored paper.
 add popoloam
Mark the middle of the fold, but do not press. Put your finger in the middle, grasp the edge of the semicircle on the bend and lift it to the top with a clip, at the same time pushing the edges of the workpiece. You will have two such folds.
 we fold
Without removing your finger from the middle, bend the other side of the blank as well. Fasten the blank at the bottom with a clip, grabbing the beginning of the folds, so that your folded blank does not disperse.
 fix with a clip
fold with a clip
Also fold all the circles.
 ball details
Take a needle and thread and start sew on one two stitchesall blanks to each other, gradually making a circle. Do not overtighten the thread when sewing, otherwise it will tear the paper. As you sew the folded circles of the clip from the sharp corners, remove.
we collect our ball
When you fix all the folded circles, pass a needle and thread twice through the entire craft (forward and backward), thereby finally fixing everything the details. Make a knot to sew not sewn. Do not tear the thread - it will serve as a loop for hanging the ball.
we collect our ball
Now remove the clips from the edges of the folded circles. The craft itself will finish and take the form of a beautiful ball.
 A volume ball made from cutting paper
A volume ball made from cutting paper

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