8 things to take with you on vacation

Katarina Kudryashova

Katarina Kudryashova,
stylist, blogger

Dressing room for the holidays need a relaxed, a little cheeky and completely summer. And most importantly, it is important to buy such things so that later they could be worn all summer in the city. Do you agree?

Blouse in the style of Boho

Bohemian style, so beloved by the Olsen sisters, for several seasons in a row is one of the key sources of inspiration. And this summer is no exception. Designers offer to try on a boho-style blouse - a free cut, with embroidery and ties instead of buttons. This blouse looks great with shorts, in the company of jeans and even strict trousers.

Blouse Topshop

Blouse Topshop (£ 46)

Congo Earrings

Massive jewelery does not go out of fashion, and with the return of the 80s they gain even more popularity. Fashionable comeback made and congo earrings (or just earrings, rings), as in the last clip with J. Lo Se Acabó el Amor. Laconic gold or with precious inserts - the choice is yours. They look great with things in the style of the 70s, and with bold mini-dresses in the style of the 80s, and in the company of T-shirts and shorts, as was customary in the 90s.

Congo SL Earrings, Rose Gold, Zircons

Congo SL Earrings, Rose Gold, Zircons (to order)

Pseudo Vintage T-Shirt

Remember how in a distant youth wore a T-shirt with the heroes of "Titanic", the words Coca Cola or with a group of Metallica? We are glad to inform you that they are again in trend. Retro-fonts, contrasting edging, muted, as if washed-out, flowers - these are just a few of the most fashionable T-shirts of the season.

T-shirt Zara

Zara T-shirt (1 999 rub.)

Retrofuturist Points

Summer fashion image can not be considered complete without sunglasses, the main accessory of this time of year. Narrow points of a miniature size in a retro-futuristic style, like those of the heroes of the “Matrix”, have already managed to catch the fancy of Rihanna and Bella Hadid. And we are worse? And we need these!

Asos glasses

Points Asos (1 190 rubles.)

Buttoned and striped dress

Summer is time for dresses and sarafans. Our favorite is a striped sundress, with a buckle along the entire length of the buttons and midi length. The model is universal: it can be worn with sneakers or sandals, if you wish, you can wear a T-shirt underneath or put on a denim top.

Mango Dress

Sarafan Mango (2 699 rub.)

Straw bag

Meet: the star of all social networks - a bag of straw or jute - this summer the main fashionable purchase for the holidays. It goes well with a swimsuit, a sundress, and jeans. Size - at your discretion.Miniature round or similar to the coffer bags are appropriate even in the city, but the shoppers - only on vacation or picnic.

Uterque bag

Bag Uterque (6 790 rub.)

Trousers with a tropical print

Hearing the call of the jungle this summer is easy, for this you do not need to go to the tropics - just choose a palazzo costume or palazzo trousers with palm leaves, exotic flowers, colorful butterflies or other fauna. Lightweight fabric - a guarantee that even on the hottest day you will not be hot in them.

Zara pants

Zara Pants (2 999 rubles)

Colored suede shoes

Sandals, sandals, mules - whatever shoes you choose, let them be bright. Among the clear favorites - rich yellow, orange, pink, lavender, emerald green. As for the texture, suede is a clear favorite.

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