8 pairs of cool sneakers for spring

Today, from sports shoes you expect not just functionality and comfort, but also a striking and stylish design, so wearing it on workdays would be just as pleasant as on weekends. Despite the fact that many already boldly wear sneakers and sneakers year-round, in the spring these shoes will definitely have their high point, and the idea to exchange heavy insulated boots for a light and bright sporty pair sounds more than attractive. Now, however, we have a new problem - the shoe and sneakers have become so many, and they are moving further and further away from their classic appearance and look more interesting. We reviewed the news of this season and selected a few pairs that are worth paying attention to.

Lace Sneakers

Since sports shoes have replaced some of the most versatile black pumps, some of the sneakers in design have become something like dresses for publication — for example, like this pair with a hyper-trimmed pastel lace and faux suede.

 Zara Sneakers

Zara Sneakers (4 999 rubles)

Sneakers in monochrome colors

These sneakers look like shoes from the movie "Back to the Future", but that's a pity, they can not be laced with one movement of thought, like in the movies. However, even this technology will soon be reached, but for now we can enjoy the futuristic design of sports shoes, which looks expressive, but not at the expense of comfort.

Adidas Tubular Defiant Sneakers

Sneakers Adidas Tubular Defiant (8 990 rub.)

Leopard Sneakers

Once fashionable magazines liked to dictate that you shouldn’t wear too bright things with leopard prints, and now even sneakers adorn the “predatory” print, and imagine that such a model should not be worn with colorful sportswear is a real blasphemy.

Sneakers H & M

Sneakers H & M (2 499 rubles)

Sneakers with smiles

In the 90s, this pair would surely be shot in a clip of some MTV hip-hop stars, and today it’s just one model out of dozens of the same original and crazy ones when it comes to sports shoes.

Acne sneakers

Snake Sneakers

"Transitional" option for those who have not yet decided whether to wear sneakers with dresses and mini skirts, or still return to the shoes and sandals. With this pair, you should definitely try everything - and puffy skirts, and leather shorts, and ripped jeans, and everything your heart desires.

Reebok Taupe Classic Trainers

Sneakers Reebok Taupe Classic (7 380 rub.)

Professional running sneakers

In the wake of the design rush on sneakers, you can forget that this is also the "smart" shoes for sports. For example, this pair is technological not only in appearance but also in content - the light weight and absorbent sole make it ideal for jogging.

Athletic Propulsion Labs Sneakers

Sneakers Athletic Propulsion Labs (12 400 rub.)

Mint Sneakers

Nike opens two customization studios in Moscow, where you can create your dream sneakers, but we still can not see enough of a new, ready-made collection of the brand, where there are such models that just breathe in the spring.

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Sneakers

Sneakers Nike Air Max 1 Ultra (9 490 rub.)

Rainbow Sneakers

Do not decide on the color of the sports form for trips to fitness? This pair is absolutely suitable for everything and despite its raver appearance, it was created specifically for sports. However, wear these customized sneakers and no one will interfere at the party for sure.

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