7 most anticipated TV shows

The summer season is not rich with serial premieres, but then we are waiting for great shows that can not be missed.

"American Gods"

The loudest TV project of the near future, the screen version of the best-selling book by Neil Gaiman. The protagonist Shadow (Ricky Whittle) comes out of prison a few days ahead of time and learns about the death of his wife (Emily Browning). In the plane, on the way to the funeral, it seems to him a strange stranger (Ian McShane), who turns out to be an incarnation of the Scandinavian god Odin. So Shadow learns about the old and new gods and gets involved in a great battle. Gillian Anderson will play one of the new goddesses named Media. We are waiting for the Prime Minister in January 2017.

"Luke Cage"

For those who like to watch the adventures of Marvel comics, this project is another gift (after “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”). Luke Cage is a superhero who has acquired extraordinary strength, endurance and, in the literal sense, impenetrability as a result of an unsuccessful experiment. Luke escapes from prison and becomes a superhero mercenary.

Luke Cage plays the not-so-famous Mike Colter (he has already appeared in Jessica Jones). But the antagonist Shchitomordnik is very recognizable, it is played by Ali Mahershalalhashbaz (his name should be learned to pronounce), known also for the role of Remy Danton in the “House of Cards”.

Will show the series service Netflix September 30, 2016, all thirteen episodes of the first season in one day.

"Young Dad"

Oscar-winning Paolo Sorrentino mini-series (“Great Beauty”, “Youth”) for the HBO channel tells the fictional story of Lenny Belardo, who became the youngest pope in history, Pius XIII.

The pontiff plays Jude Law, this is his first major television role. In the role of one of the nuns - Diane Keaton, who had not yet been in major roles in the series.

Eight-part series - the product is finished, there will be no continuation.

The series is scheduled for release in October 2016 and will affect, according to Sorrentino himself, the theme of “gaining and losing faith” and “the internal struggle between the enormous responsibility of the head of the Catholic Church and the torment of the ordinary person who was elected pontiff”.


Sarah Jessica Parker returns to the TV series! If her eternal girlfriend Carrie in “Sex in the Big City” dreamed of meeting love,then in “Divorce”, Dame Francis is already recovering from family life and is starting anew. However, do not tune in a serious way - this is a comedy. Thomas Hayden Church plays her ex-husband, Molly Shannon is the best friend. The creators of "Holocaust", "New", "Better call Saul" and "Girls" worked on the project. The date of the broadcast has not yet been announced, but in 2016 we will definitely see this show.

"Big little lie"

One of the ambitious next year's serial projects, in which the main roles are assigned to women. The three girlfriends, Celeste, Madeleine and Jane, will be linked by a mysterious murder that occurred at the kindergarten parents' meeting. The project is based on the book of the same name by Liana Moriarty, in which the social novel and the action-packed detective were combined.

And now attention: starring Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley. The director is Jean-Marc Vallee, who shot the “Dallas Buyers Club”, “Young Victoria” and “Wild”. The series will be released in 2017.

A shot from the TV series “Big Little Lie”

Twin Peaks

The most mysterious premiere of the most mysterious series in the world will be held in April 2017. Before the premiere was scheduled for 2016, but David Lynch took more time to shoot than planned.I would not like to be disappointed after such a long wait, as was the case with the X-Files.

Working with Lynch is Michael Frost, who did the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. The cast of the starlier is nowhere, there will be "old men": Kyle MacLocklin, Cheryl Lee, Ray Wise, - and the "new ones": Amanda Seyfried, James Belushi, Monica Bellucci, Michael Cera and Laura Dern as Diana.


The project of director Alexei Popogrebsky (Koktebel, Simple Things) is one of the main Russian premieres of the next season. Again, this is a retro story: the series is dedicated to Soviet diplomats of the 60s.

Valery Todorovsky is producing the project, and the team that is working on the series once did the Thaw, so we are guaranteed visual delight.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov plays the role of a diplomat, a specialist in Germany, who is transferred to the department with young specialists, Soviet PR specialists. Young people play Yegor Koreshkov, Artem Bystrov, Rinal Mukhametov. Former head of this department is played by the star of the “Stars” Severia Yanushauskaite.

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