7 gown dresses for the August heat

Polka Dot Bathrobe

All the similarities with home clothes are obvious, starting from the cut and ending with a funny print with polka dots. The vintage mood of this dress will only intensify if you put a hat on it - in this way you can even go to the retro-party. And if there is no such goal, then there will be plenty of sports shoes.

Ganni Polka Dot Bathrobe

Dress-gown with polka dots Ganni (£ 180)

V-neck dress

The relaxed style of kimono dress is perfect for a carefree doing business during the holidays. If the latter have already died down for you, then save it in the fall, to wear over thin turtlenecks and jumpers.

Dress with V-neck Pull and Bear

Dress with a V-neck Pull and Bear (1 999 rub.)

Dress with the smell of the color of powder

The powder-pink shade of the dress impresses with its undeniable femininity. By the way, this dress could be an excellent option for a bridesmaid dress - note for those who are going to the wedding very soon.

H & M Powder Wrap Dress

Dress with the smell of H & M powder-colored (3 499 rubles)

Velvet dressing gown

In order to be fully called "outfit outfit" and not to cause associations with home clothes, the gown dress should be made of more dense material than usual. In this case, velvet can be relied on, and the effect can be enhanced with the help of large jewelry and accessories.

Diane von Furstenberg velvet dressing gown

Overalls with zapah

Consider that this is an optical illusion, because in the place of the dressing gown there is a jumpsuit. In a static state, no one will guess the dirty trick, but in movement, and especially in dance, this bright thing shows its true face.

Rebecca Vallance rompers

Rebecca Vallance romper (£ 208)

Leopard Midi Dress

We used to buy jewelry for dresses, but now we suggest you change tactics with the exact opposite and buy dresses for jewelry. For example, this is a leopard dressing gown - to massive gilded bracelets and earrings in the style of the 80s.

Leopard Midi Dress Stradivarius

Leopard midi dress with Stradivarius leopard print (2 999 rub.)

Mango Dressing Gown with Floral Print

The creator of dress-gown Diana von Furstenberg preferred fashionable in the 70th geometric prints, and today on every second such style flowers are found. To reduce the degree of excessive romanticism will help the corresponding shoes: in the summer - black sandals with straps, in the autumn - boots with lacing.

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