6 mistakes that can destroy relationships

Mistake number 1: jealous without reason

I know a lot of girls who live according to the principle “You will not be on the alert - they will lead a man away”. Therefore, with a clear conscience, they rummage through the pockets of their partner, read all his messages on the phone, suspect him of treason with all the women who were within a kilometer radius of him. It seems to them that this is how they protect their relations from invading invaders, but in fact they destroy these relations with their own hands.

Mistake number 2: provoke

And some, on the contrary, read somewhere that you need to make your partner jealous, so that you can show him your value and relevance to the opposite sex. But the secret is that men appreciate us for a combination of virtues and positive qualities. And if you suddenly start flirting with others, making eyes and flirting, it will be quite difficult for him to attribute all your gestures to positive qualities.

6 mistakes that can destroy relationships

Mistake number 3: making friends with the former

This item is similar to the previous one, but if there you specifically provoke jealousy, then in this case you absolutely sincerely keep in touch with your former boyfriend, thereby causing a completely unambiguous reaction in the new partner. Why be friends with the former? Riddle. But you can definitely say for sure: such friendship harms new relationships, because men do not tolerate another male on their territory. If the former is so nice that you want to be friends with him, maybe then try to resume the old relationship and not start a new one? No? Then forget about the ex.

Mistake number 4: prohibit the hobby

Nothing strengthens relationships like a coincidence of interests. Nevertheless, men are very different from us, and they have their own hobbies and entertainments that most of us are not at all interested in: fishing, football, hockey, a party in a purely male company. The mistake of many of us lies in the fact that we, wanting to strengthen relations, are trying to engender common interests in a pair and drag men into theaters, yoga, all sorts of ballroom dances ... Joint pastime is very good, but it is also important to take into account the desires and interests of the partner so that the relationship does not turn into violence against the person.

Mistake # 5: take offense at the little things

Nothing infuriates so much as a girl who is unclear on what was offended and stubbornly says nothing about it. Like, guess yourself! I would place guys in such cases immediately collected things and went into the night, into the fog, into the void. Just not with her! The game of guessing game is good for talk shows on TV, not for relationships. Your partner is not a telepath, and guess what you once again took offense, he is not able to. Yes, and should not, in general. If there is a problem or misunderstanding, the best way to resolve them is through dialogue, rather than hiding resentment. Constant understatement and eternal grievances with the promise “guess yourself” will very quickly lead to separation.

6 mistakes that can destroy relationships

Mistake number 6: make reproaches when outsiders

And remember: our strength is in weakness. If you start to show strength through public humiliation of your man with reproaches and accusations, you look pathetic. If something does not like or annoying, you can tell him without strangers about it, put everything on the shelves, explain what his school is, and not take it to the public. By humiliating the other, you humiliate yourself first of all, because with public reproaches you demonstrate to everyone that you live with someone who does not suit you. How long will such a relationship last?

Relationships are not just feelings and a desire to be together. It is also mutual respect, the desire to understand the needs of a partner, the ability to put oneself in his place and look at his actions from the side. Then the destructive relationship errors can be avoided.

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