3d blu-ray players samsung

3d blu-ray players samsungSamsung has been experimenting with the form factor and colors of its Blu-Ray players for several years now, and, we must pay tribute, these experiments, as a rule, are successful. Why are only a strict aluminum case BD-D7500 or a streamlined cast black-burgundy BD-P4600! The novelty of the 2012 model is implemented in an ultra-compact square black case, the height of which is comparable to a standard DVD or BD player. By his appearance, he somehow reminded us of another unusual and popular Samsung Blu-Ray player model, BD-C6900. This analogy arose, perhaps, also because the new Samsung BD-ES6000 control buttons are also touch-sensitive, but they are located not on top, but on the front panel. In general, the new product looks, in our opinion, more interesting than the 6900th. In addition, the BD-ES6000 is twice as compact.


Visually, the Samsung BD-ES6000 case is divided into two parts by a horizontal groove running along the perimeter of the front and side parts of the case. In this groove there is a slit boot loader in the D-drive, - The disk loading mechanism of the Slot-in type is convenient and compact. Its only drawback is the lack of support for small-diameter disks.However, in our time hardly anyone seriously upset the lack of compatibility with 8 cm optical discs. A much more pressing issue is the number and location of USB ports. And here we have the first complaint to the developers. Socket decided to place on the back wall, next to the other interfaces. Accordingly, a USB flash drive or cable will have to be plugged in either by touch or by unfolding the player itself, which is very inconvenient to do with the HDMI cable connected to it. Of course, spoiling the beautiful front panel of Samsung BD-ES6000 with a USB connector is unwise from the point of view of the design, but you could also place it on the side.


Another reason for dissatisfaction was the set of outputs, it is over-laconic: HDMI and optics.

In principle, this is more than enough, because modern players have long received 1 / the status of digital transport, and all issues related to the digital-to-analog conversion are solved “on the ground”, in a TV and home theater. However, in the process of testing, we simply could not connect a new player to one of the TVs, since there was no picture on the screen when using HDMI, and in the absence of an alternative connection using a composite output, this problem cannot be solved.Fortunately, the second TV in our test lab was made by Samsung, and the player docked with it exclusively, successfully. Moreover, with proprietary TVs, you can activate the BD Wise Plus system, in which the devices automatically coordinate with each other all the necessary settings. Connecting the player to your home network and the Internet is possible both by cable and Wi-Fi, and the wireless network module is already integrated. In matters of network integration, there is one important detail that cannot but be mentioned. To access content located on other Wi-Fi devices, it is no longer necessary that they be networked using a router. Wi-Fi Direct technology allows you to switch wireless devices directly to each other.


According to modern requirements, the Blu-Ray player is equipped with a proprietary set of Smart features, similar to what we can see on Samsung TVs. Here and the Smart Flub menu with the browser and the ability to install widgets from the resource Samsung Apps, there are new features that appeared this year, such as the service "Kids", which provides access to specialized educational and development content.


In our opinion, the most significant innovation was the Disc to Digital technology implemented in the Samsung BD-ES6000. With it, you can transfer the contents of a DVD-Video-disc to digital media. In the language, the word “digitization” is spinning, although in reality the DVD is already a digital format, and the whole question is whether the digital information is stored on the optical disc or does it exist as a file on a USB flash drive, a network drive or on an Internet server. . It would seem that there is no fundamental difference, we put the disk or select a file from the list, but the difference is much more significant.


You can add a disc saved using this technology to your personal collection on the UltaViolet Internet resource. After that, you can watch this movie via the Internet anywhere in the world, leaving the disc at home. Another plus is the possibility of multi-user connection to a single account. This means that at the same time with you the same or any other film from your UltaViolet-video library will be able to watch a few more people to whom you will give access. Moreover, this media resource allows you to purchase an HD version of the film, thus producing a kind of upgrade of your favorite movie.


Well, the capabilities of the Samsung BD-ES6000 are really impressive, but we could not help but appreciate it from a purely practical point of view. And at once the pleasant moment - superfast loading of a disk. It is worth the media to get into the drive, as almost immediately on the screen displays its menu. The picture quality does not cause complaints not only on Blu-Ray, but also in the case of watching DVDs and any other standard-definition content. Built-in scaler works very well. We would rate the capabilities of the media player as good. There were no problems with high-bitrate video, omnivorous is close to perfect - about 80% of test files are reproduced, including rather exotic video files with WMA audio tracks, AVCHD video from modern digital cameras and videos encoded specifically for viewing on iPhone and iPad.


The quality of displaying video from flash drives and the network is again high. It only remains to be surprised how the Samsung BD-ES6000 manages to get so many details and form such a solid and clear picture from a regular DivX file.

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