26 great ideas with drawings to create a dream cabinet

More and more people began to prefer wardrobes over huge wardrobes and chest of drawers. They are compact, ergonomic, comfortable to use and help save space in the room. Therefore, today we want to offer you26 great ideas with drawings to create a dream cabinet!

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom

1. The bedroom is a comfortable seating area and coziness, therefore the appearance of the cabinet should be combined with the general interior of the room, without making the overall design and atmosphere of the room heavy.

2. The sliding-door wardrobe of noble white color will perfectly fit into the interior and replace all storage areas in the room.

3. Almost every small apartment has an angle that can be effectively used for storage by placing a corner wardrobe.

4. If you like to read, then next to the closet you can install several shelves for your favorite books.

5. Design solution with translucent doors. Looks incredibly stylish!

6For me personally, this option is ideal, although it is not suitable for small rooms.

7. And this decision will envy any interior designer. It looks fantastic!

8. If the apartment has low ceilings, you can visually expand the space with the help of additional lighting.

9. If you do not save on shelves and drawers, then in the closet you can put the entire wardrobe.

10. And now let's take a look at the drawings of corner cabinets.

11. Such a cabinet is the most capacious. There will be not only a wardrobe, but also pillows, blankets, bed linen, etc.

12. Ideal as a child's room, and a spacious bedroom.

13. Just see how many shelves there are.

14. And this is a whole corner of the real queen.

15. What you need!

16. The more mirrors, the more spacious the room looks.

17. A chic option for a spacious room!

18. Paradise

19. Small and at the same time roomy locker.

20. Option for lovers of Eastern culture.

21. A practical idea for lovers of minimalism.

22. Waveforms in the style of cabinets.

23. Looks very impressive, is not it?

24. The perfect solution for a small bedroom!

25. Functional option that is suitable for any room.

26The main thing - to show imagination!

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