16 rules of etiquette that we break every single day!

Respect each other and respect again! This is what we learn all our lives. Being educated means not to cause inconvenience to other people, not to touch anyone with your comments and to look decent in any situation.

Rules of etiquette in society


1. You applaud incorrectly

Clap your hands at chest level. Never applaud in front of your face, much less in front of another person.

2. You do not sit in the car gracefully

First sit on the seat and only then gracefully place your legs in the salon. It looks more aesthetically from the outside and will help you to avoid a painful and ridiculous blow of the head on the door of the car. If the shoes are in the snow, always shake them off before sitting down in the salon.

3. You embarrass strangers

It is not necessary to closely examine other people, this moveton. Especially not worth discussing the appearance of strangers with a girlfriend, even if the outfit is really flashy.

4.You spread butter or jam from a common plate.

The sequence of actions is this: first put some butter or jam on your plate. Then spread the sandwich! That's all. Why is this considered more acceptable and correct? Because the crumbs do not fall into a common plate!

5. You do not care about those who sit next to the table

Polite people do not want to once again pull someone during a feast, and are also very shy. Show the initiative and pass the salt shaker or pepper first! Similarly, first pass on other dishes, politely asking if their neighbor wants to try them.

6. You do not follow the posture

Surely you did not think about it, but to look at the man, hunched over a plate at the table, is always unpleasant. Keep your back straight in any situation and train yourself to watch this! Posture, it turns out, tells people a lot ...

7. You drink during the toast in your honor

Do not drink a glass after the words uttered in your honor! Instead, make a gesture of gratitude towards the one who spoke the toast, thus showing respect and appreciation. Few people know about this!

8. You're sloppy with napkins.

After eating, you should not wipe your lips with a napkin: you just need to get your mouth wet. Already used paper napkins can be slightly crushed, but in no case do not crumble!Table etiquettedecorate the feast, making it easy, help to avoid embarrassment.

9. You return empty plates

If you are treated and given a dish in the dish, it is considered impolite to return it empty. Place there a cookie, a handful of chocolates, nuts - all in gratitude for the treat.

10. You start eating before the owner of the table.

The rules of good etiquette suggest that you respect the head of the family and home. Wait until the owner starts eating first. That's all the wisdom!

11. You cough in your right arm

If you are unwell or choked, you may want to cough. You can not use your right hand to cover your mouth, you only need to do this with your left hand.

12. You do not maintain eye contact during the toast.

When you touch your glass with the glass of the interlocutor, you must meet with his eyes, expressing your openness and sincerity! To look away to the side is a bad tone.

13. You point your finger at an item of interest.

Pointing a finger is the last thing. It is much better to make a gesture with an open palm in the direction to which you want to attract the attention of the interlocutor.

14. You are not polite enough

If you walk with someone along the street and your companion greets a passing man, be sure to say hello. In this case, to remain silent means to seem impolite and repulsive.

15. You carry a bag on your right shoulder

According to the rules of etiquette bag must be worn on the left shoulder, not on the right. The thing is that the right hand is “social”, which is why you cannot hide behind it when you cough. Even if you are a woman and do not make handshakes, the right hand is considered to be a contact hand.

16. You leave your smartphone on a table in a public place.

Of course, this is disrespect! This is especially unpleasant for those with whom you are at a table in a cafe or at a dinner table. This shows how significant the gadget is for you and how little you are interested in what is happening around.

Some rules of etiquette are discovery even for people in advanced age! I would be infinitely glad if this information is useful to you.

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