15 interior details that spoil the female image

A team of American designers has made a rating of unacceptable items in the house of an adult woman. Posters, lamps, funny mugs and 12 more interior details were hit, which, according to the authors, are relevant except in the nursery.

The apartment should fit the woman in the same way as clothes. You will not wear a baby dress with ruffles at the age of 30? Surely not. As well as a solid suit, which is more suitable for a lady in 50. Our house, our fortress is also a part of the female image. Looking at the situation in the apartment, there should be no impression, if an old old woman lives, or, on the contrary, an eternally young nymphet. Everything should be harmonious.

Sofa bed

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All variations on the theme of the mobile bed designer Jonathan Adler considers one of the main taboos. Yes, inflatable mattresses, folding beds, retractable walls, and folding sofas really save space. But you are an adult self-respecting woman, which means that the older you get, the better your bed should be. It is a bed, full and good.

Temporary furniture

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Plastic shelves, tables, chairs and all items purchased under the slogan “I will save by living in a rented apartment”, as a rule, after acquiring their own housing, move with the owner. Designer Scott Meecham Wood urges not to buy trash on sales, even if you live in someone else's apartment. Invest in solid classic items that you can take with you to your new home.

TV stand

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Design Directors at Nate Berkus Associates Lauren Buchsbaum and Sasha Adler believe that TV cabinets are the last century and too much clutter of space. Judge for yourself, bedside tables collect dust, they are huge, they are stored in them, as a rule, no one needs the trash. Why should a modern woman carry such heavy luggage into her life? It is better to hang the TV on the bracket.


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Such decorative elements look cheap and relevant in the rooms of teenagers. Still want to decorate the walls? Designer Nicole Gibbons offers a closer look at the pictures and all the same posters, but in a duet with original, expensive frames.

White light bulbs

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Lauren Buchsbaum and Sasha Adler are protesting against floor and table lamps, emitting bright white light.What lamps do not please the designers? Both girls believe that white light highlights skin imperfections. Therefore, if you want to look fresh, choose lamps with soft and warm lighting, they work wonders with the skin.

Bare floor

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All the same Lauren and Sasha believe that the simple bare floors in the apartment should not be. If a woman lives in a house, one should not forget about comfort. Naked sex is uncomfortable. But carpets and small rugs add warmth to the apartment and enliven the space.

Cheap bedding

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There is no reason why cheap bedding is worth buying, says designer Scot Meecham Wood. No matter how old you are, you should always take care of yourself, especially in your sleep when you rest. So say no to linen sets of synthetic fibers, choose only natural fabrics.

Unmade bed

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Designer Ryan White is sure that there is nothing worse in a girl's apartment than a bed without a bed. This makes you a mess in the eyes of others! Spend 60 seconds of your time and get a sleeper in order.

Plastic dishes

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It is better to have a full cupboard of beautiful dishes and rarely get it, than to disgrace in front of the guests, handing them plastic cups. Lauren Buchsbaum and Sasha Adler allow disposable plates in the house, but only if you are planning a party in nature. In any other cases, plastic tableware is disrespect for yourself and friends.

Kitsch Photo Frames

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Yes, yes, we are talking about those sweetest things, like photo frames with the words “Best Friend”, “Love Forever” and so on. Designer Nicole Gibbons warns against buying such things. If you are already thirty, you should not waste your time on cheap interior items, it's time to invest in timeless things that you can take with you to a bright future. Instead of frames with gags, buy classic ones, for example, silver plated.

Contrast walls

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Once upon a time one bright wall of a contrasting color really was a fashionable highlight in the interior, but those times are over. Designers Lauren Buchsbaum and Sasha Adler warn the girls: do not use this technique, it does not help to visually expand the space, but, on the contrary, eats it. The apartment of an adult woman should be spacious and concise, without bright inappropriate walls of stains.

Mugs with inscriptions

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Designer Nicole Gibbons considers glasses and mugs with funny seals, inscriptions and photos to be cute little things. But only if the mistress of these subjects goes to college and lives in a dormitory. In the house of a girl who is over 30, there should not be such an undignified “grace”.

Empty shelves

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If you have shelves, something should stand on them, says designer Ryan White. Having empty bookcases and shelves is simply unacceptable, it is bad form. To liven up cold, sadly idle objects, use flowers, decor items, books, any accessories.

Artificial flowers

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All the same, Ryan White is sure that the apartment, lined with artificial flowers and trees, is a quiet horror. Even if all your past plants suddenly withered, it is not a reason to arrange plastic bouquets everywhere in the house. It is better to make an effort, go to the store, choose from a number of indoor plants the most undemanding and try to get on with it.


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Pillows that come with a sofa, most often disfigure furniture. They are boring, uncomfortable, and coagulate. Ryan White advises to abandon standards.You're an adult, but you are a young girl, so why do you need a grandmother's sofa? Get rid of these pillows, buy instead of them original, color, different sizes and shapes.

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