13 ideas for a stylish transformation of your home

Comfort in the house creates not at all expensive furniture and antique portraits and sculptures, but the taste and skillful hands of its owners. We bring to your attention a few ideas that you probably want to take note.

1. Colorful accent wall in the rest corner.

A wall section decorated with multi-colored wallpaper gives the guests and the inhabitants of this stylish dwelling the brightness and sense of celebration. A small mirror with large petals, an inscription and a gold-colored photo frame add elegance to an amazingly stylish room with simple and inexpensive furniture.

2. Refrigerator with chic.

If your old refrigerator does not fit the style of the kitchen, all you need to transform it is painting tape and metal paint for the color of your choice. Tape those parts of the refrigerator that you do not want to paint over, and paint over all non-glued parts. Wait until the paint dries and remove the tape.

3. Picture frames in the bathroom.

Simple hooks for towels in the bathroom will not look the same grace, like hooks, framed in beautiful frames. Terrific, the bathroom now resembles a museum, and it looks so organic!

4. Design a bed of your own.

Are you not satisfied with furniture sold in stores? Then just roll up your sleeves and make your own designer bed. If you already have the skills to work with wood, it will not take much time.

5. Restoration of old furniture

Before you throw away the old furniture, unleash creativity. If you like the result, you will have new furniture at home, for which you did not have to pay a lump sum. For example, here's the idea of ​​upgrading an old dresser to a TV stand.

8. Colorful themed lounge

An avalanche of pillows on the couch makes it more interesting and inviting. Choose one thematic storyline for your soft corner, do not clutter up too much of the palette of shades, and your living room will gain an underlined personality.

9. Not at all a simple vase

Here's an idea for using old things for new decorative projects.You will need only a wooden panel, a glass jar, a metal binder and of course, flowers.

10. Brand new chandelier

Sometimes old things, although quite suitable for use, are no longer pleasing to the eye. It is easy to fix. For example, an old lamp can be pasted over with beautiful wallpaper or a geographical map, and you seem to have a completely new lamp!

12. Easy curtain poetry

Do not underestimate the curtains in the interior. They can turn the space in an ugly and suffocating, or in an elegant and comfortable, depending on the style and location. Curtains with extravagant colorful parrots create a warm atmosphere and protection from bright sunlight in the summer season.

13. Transformation plastic chair

An ordinary plastic chair - one of those that we used to see in public institutions, can become beautiful and homely. How to do it? All you need is a can of metallic gold and a piece of synthetic fur.

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