10 interesting ideas for summer manicure

Nails are an important part of the image of any girl. And in the summer you want something especially unusual, bright and juicy. We offer several ideas of interesting manicure.

Best ideas

1. Flowers. They can be very diverse, it all depends on your preferences. You can draw cute daisies, even a beginner can do it. It will be interesting to look at roses, especially with separate petals, the technique of their creation is also not difficult.

You can depict bright poppies, cornflowers, tulips, bells. And you can turn on the fantasy and draw non-existent in nature and very interesting flowers with multi-colored petals of unusual shape. It is best to draw flowers on a neutral and calm background so that they look bright.

2. Butterflies. These cute creatures will decorate the nails and make them summer and romantic. First draw the outline with black lacquer using a fine brush, then go to the creative part and start painting the wings.

You can draw a few unusual specks and other patterns, and you can make wings monophonic.Butterflies can be arranged in a chaotic manner, it will look especially original and interesting. By the way, instead of butterflies you can depict other insects, it is a bold and bright option.

3. Fruit splash. Everyone knows that summer is the time for fruits and berries, and it will be great if they move onto your nails. There are lots of options. Citrus fruits, for example, lemons or oranges, look juicy and tasty. You can choose any berries: cherries, strawberries, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapples and so on. You can draw apples, pears, apricots.

And you can create a real fruit or berry mix. Good advice: since the fruits themselves are bright, it is best to draw them on a calm background. Use a clear lacquer or beige or light pink lacquer. By the way, beginners can use ready-made stickers, it is convenient and simple.

4.In 2015 will be fashionablemarine motifs. And you should not be limited only to the characteristic color of the sea wave, there are many bright ideas. First, you can portray on the nails of the inhabitants of the deep sea.

It will be interesting to look at the fish, starfish, sea horses and so on.And you can draw a whole landscape: a small sandy island near the cuticle, surrounded by the ocean, as well as a small palm tree on it. Sailboats or ships look original on nails.

5. Rainbow. What could be brighter than a multi-colored rainbow after the summer rain? Only a creative rainbow on your nails! Of course, you will need varnishes in different colors and a little patience, but it is worth it! Rainbow strips can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally (the latter is more original).

Remember the order in which the colors go, measure the nail, divide it into the required number of strips and proceed to the manicure procedure. Use stripe patterns and wait until each element is completely dry so that the rainbow is clear and bright.

6. Multicolored french. French, perhaps, never go out of style. And it can be not only classic, but also summer, bright and juicy. Simply cover the edges of the nails not with ordinary white varnish, but with varnishes of bright colors. You can make all the nails different colors, you can alternate several colors, you can choose one bright color or select one finger on each hand.

Anyway, be sure to choose bright colors: orange, mint, yellow, lime, pink. And do not be afraid that the colors will be “acidic” and too bright; in any case, they will look tender, as there will not be too many of them. But if you want a truly “flashy” and disturbing manicure, as a base color do not use natural beige, but a bright shade.

7. Animalistic motifs.. In the photo, these nails look amazing. First, decide what kind of print you will use. These can be stripes of tigers or zebras, leopard spots, or imitations of reptile skin.

And to make the manicure look bright and summer-like, instead of the usual colors, use bright, fashionable in the current season and rich colors, for example, mint, hot pink, yellow, lime, orange, lilac or blue.

8. Color Spots. Such a manicure will not only be bright, but also a little abstract, if you try. To achieve this effect, draw a few bright spots and, without waiting for the varnish to dry, mix the colors together. White can be used as a background, it will make the nails fresh. It is possible to dilute and slightly frame such a riot of colors with the help of rhinestones.

9. Solar marigolds. Why is everyone so fond of summer? Of course, for the sweet sun! And so that it always remains with you, draw it on your nails. First, cover your nails with a light blue lacquer to depict the summer cloudless sky (you can also draw clouds if you wish).

After the layer dries out, draw a bright yellow sun with rays of different lengths on each of the nails. You can also “revive” every sun by drawing eyes and a smile.

10. Bright geometry. Geometric shapes are unusual and bright. And if they are juicy and colorful, then such a manicure can definitely be called a summer one. The background is better to make white or transparent.

And the colors of the figures can be very different, but they certainly must be bright. You can draw one figure on each nail, or you can place several small elements on one nail.

Choose the most daring idea and start preparing for the summer!

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