10 beauty products that will be useful to every mom

Xenia Lugovaya, singer and mother of charming little son, gives her advice to readers of Woman’s Day.

We will soon hear this name not just often, but very often. Ksenia Lugovaya is a young and very promising singer. This year she managed to release two clips and become a star of MUZ-TV concerts, and in February she will debut with an album. And also Xenia is a young mother. Her son Makar is two and a half years old, and he doesn’t like it when his mother sings for someone other than him.

The girl looks just wonderful - it seems that the pregnancy did not affect her at all. The singer herself believes that all thanks to proper care for themselves. Ksenia has compiled a list for our readers - what, in her opinion, should definitely be in the beauty arsenal of a young mother.

best baby care products
best baby care products
Photo: Ksenia Lugovoy’s personal archive
Photo: Ksenia Lugovoy’s personal archive

1. Coconut oil

The most important product! I advise you to use it before, during and after pregnancy. I apply oil all over my body twice a day and highly recommend doing the same.Coconut oil protects the skin from stretch marks, nourishes and maintains its elasticity. I do not stick to one brand, always choose something new. The main thing that the composition was nothing but coconut oil.

I also like shea butter plus Argan with the flavor of “Melody of the Nile” - Charme D Orient Beurre Karite Argan Parfum Effleuves du Nil.

2. Body Scrub

Mandatory element of daily skin cleansing. Most recently, I bought a steep washcloth from a honeycomb. Now she replaces my scrub.

3. Cream for stretch marks

I like the Maternity line from the French brand Mustela, a cream called Stretch marks prevention. Checked - works!

4. Means to strengthen the bust

The favorite is all from the same Mustela - Bust firming serum.

Photo: @lugovayaksenia_official
Photo: @lugovayaksenia_official
Photo: @lugovayaksenia_official

5. Full face skin care

For me, a young mother is primarily a woman. Girls, be sure to take care of the skin of the face! You may not have time for a complete make-up, but I urge everyone to care for their skin and devote at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. My favorite face skin care brand is Biologique Recherche. I use Biologique Recherche P50 W exfoliating lotion and apply Biologique Recherche Creme Dermo-RL cream on top - ideal for winter care.

6. Hair Care

Always (regardless of pregnancy - is it or not) I use shampoos only withoutparabens and sulphates. I am experimenting with brands, but, as a rule, I choose professional cosmetics. Especially love the products of the brand Lebel.

7. For baby: means for gentle cleansing of the skin

For the baby in the first year I used only Japanese bathing foam and soap. Also our Russian brand Natura Siberica is happy, it is great for pens - for both adults and children. I am very pleased with the composition. Right now we use Bulgarian two in one shampoo from Bebble.

8. For baby: skin moisturizer

From birth to after the bath, we will surely smear the whole body with children's moisturizers. I love baby Bioderma. And immediately feel free to get "Bepanten" from diaper rash and any irritation, from birth he is our irreplaceable friend!

9. For baby: how to clean teeth

Several times she tried to change the children's toothpaste, but the man chose ROC's and no longer perceives any.

10. Red lipstick

You might be surprised that this item has been included in the list of mandatory beauty products for young mothers, but not only dads, but also little men like red lipstick. My son especially loves mother's kisses when I wear red lipstick!

I have a huge amount of lipstick, especially love the red shades.Always buy something new. I try, I test. I love the resistant tint from Smashbox and Inglot.

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